The knitting goddesses punish over-confidence

I’m knitting an Adamas Shawl. The 2nd chart has 140 rows. The 3rd (and last) has 12. At 130 on chart 2, I forgot to move my lifeline. I got through those, then hit 140. I thought about moving it, but the shawl was going well. It’s a LOT of stitches. Moving the lifeline sounds so tedious, and I’m so close. I knit 7 rows of the last 12. I can see the finish line. Suddenly I realize-there is a gaping hole. What??? Somehow, 2 dropped stitches somewhere back there. So, 5 rows (LONG rows) from the end, I have to frog. Back to 120 on chart 2. I could cry!

OHHHH! How frustrating! I finished that pattern a few months ago and I LOVE the outcome. Several people (non-knitters) have oohed and ahhed about how complicated it looks and asking if I really knit it myself!) I agree that the lifelines were tedious, and when I didn’t put them in I inevitably ended up having to frog. But while they were there, I never had to go back to it! So, I ended up putting in a lifeline every 10 rows. And I just left them as I went all the way up! Ridiculous I know!

Good luck moving on up! That finish line is still not to far away!

I so feel your pain. Hope you can get back to where you were really quick.

:hug: I’ve never knit that pattern, but have been in similar situations so many times before. I know how frustrating that is. Good luck :slight_smile:

I’ve been moving the lifeline every 10 rows. I thought about leaving them in, too, just in case. It could be worse-I could not be using one. Still, what a lot of time to redo something!

Just 2 dropped stitches? Can’t you grab them with a tapestry needle threaded with yarn and tie or sew them to the adjoining stitches?
It may not be a perfect fix but if you do it carefully you can close the hole so that the mistake is not noticeable.

Obviously I am not a perfectionist, but you may be. If it would bother you to know that there’s a mistake back there, then frog you must. (Sigh.)

I looked at it and tried to figure out a way to just fix it, but there’s no way. It would’ve looked awful. I might have done that anyway if it were for me but it’s a gift :slight_smile: