The Knitting Garden

Has anyone ordered from The Knitting Garden? I ordered from them last week and have been trying to get in touch with them this week with no success. I’ve tried to call and email. No response. :?eyebrow: My package also has not arrived - although, it is a little soon.

I haven’t ordered from them. When did you place the order? Did they BILL YOU yet?? Did they at least provide order confirmation? A tracking number? This is quite disturbing; I’d be pitching a 6!t<h-fit if it were me and they already took my money.

If they already took your money, they NEED to be available!! Assuming that they did bill you already, try calling your bank (or credit card co.) to inquire about the transaction. Just simply tell your bank that there’s a transaction on your account and you’ve been attempting to contact the vendor about said transaction to no avail. Sometimes businesses provide a different telephone number on the banking transaction report than on their websites. Maybe that number could get you in touch with a live person at Knitting Garden. :??

Hope that gives you some ideas … :thinking:

Thanks! I’m sure everything will be fine [color=darkred]Maggie walking around with rose colored glasses on[/color], but I’m going to go ahead and call the bank.

Thanks again!!!

Express your AuthoritAY!! :lol:

I recently ordered from them and had a simlar delay; she explained that they just closed their retail store which is why things are moving a little more slowly. So hold tight!

That’s so weird. I ordered from them a while back and I thought they were so sweet and fast! Elizabeth always got back to me promptly. I have a feeling mascarasnake is right - it’s just a temporary delay.


I did call the bank and they haven’t charged my account. Who knows what’s happening. They may in the middle of something and haven’t had time to email. :smiley:

I heard from Elizabeth today via email. Yeah :cheering: :cheering:

Finally - hope it was good news (I assume it was by the clapping smilie)

Yes, the yarn was out-of-stock and is supposed to be in next week. :smiley:

I have ordered from them and have had upredictable results. They have great stock, beautiful products and fair prices, but I ordered some noro yarn and needles for my aunt for christmas and they sent the wrong shade of yarn and kept pushing the date they said the needles would be shipped, later and later. I finally had to cancel that portion of the order.

They have always been polite when I’ve written to explain my concern, and I realize the holidays are always crazy, but I felt like it might have been nice to offer an appologetic offer of a small discount on my next order, or something like that to motivate me to ever order from them again.

Oh that’s too bad Marnie - sounds like they really dropped the ball on your order. They also should have let Maggie know sooner that the yarn was on back order. I hate to be kept in the dark myself.

I know about a company that frequently back orders because of stock issues. From the company POV, they are not going to tell customers that they’re out of stock when the new stock isn’t due for a couple weeks or longer, and that’s if they even know when renewed stock is due. Telling the customers at that point will increase the chance of them canceling the order. And as long as the company hasn’t charged customers’ cards, the company isn’t doing anything illegal.

Instead, they wait it out until THE CUSTOMER initiate contact about the order. By that time, the company will have not only a more definite stock renewal date, but also that stock renewal date won’t seem as far away as it would have been had the company contacted the customer when the stock issue was FIRST recognized. So by the time the customer calls about her order, there’s less chance the order will be canceled.

Just a thought …

I’ve had the same problem with them and honestly avoid ordering from them if I can. Sometimes they have stuff Ineed and I can’t but I generally try and stay away. They take forever to ship and I"ve had the same issue where an item will be backordered and I won’t know about it until I finally receive my package and the receipt tells me so. That’s poor customer service in my opinion.

I absolutely hate that! I guess I lucked out when I dealt with them before - but then again I buying stuff on sale, so it was definitely in stock and they were probably in a hurry to move it out.

I have ordered from the Knitting Garden. I had excellent communication with Elizabeth, but also struggled with the out of stock situation. When I finally did receive the backorder I found that I had been charged twice for shipping. They did credit back the second ship fee. I have my doubts about ordering from them again.

I received an email today (exactly 1 month to the day) that my order was shipped yesterday.

They are wonderfully friendly, but mighty slow.

You are a lot better than I! I would have cancelled that order so bloody fast! :?eyebrow: