The Knitting Diet

Just wanted to let you all know that I’ve lost 5 pounds since the beginning of my :knitting: obsession 1 1/2 months ago!

Let’s all dance…
:happydance: I’VE GOT LOOSE PANTS! :happydance: I’VE GOT LOOSE PANTS! :happydance:

Once can’t very well snack with needles in ones hands, now, can they? :cheering:


:thumbsup: You go girl!!!

Cool! Good for you! :happydance: :happydance: :happydance:

The former smokers are raving about knitting, too, as helping them quit.

For me it’s been an incredible stress reliever. I’m more relaxed now then I’ve ever been, because I’ve been knitting so much. Like WAY more relaxed. It’s such a blessing!

I’ve got a friend who’s taken up smoking in the last couple of years, to loose weight. :crying: Makes me sad for her, because I know she did it as a last resort, and of course it’s not an ideal route for health reasons. I’ll have to tell her about the knitting diet and smoke-quiting method!


:thumbsup: WTG Kelly. Keep xxx and watch the pounds drop off. :cheering:

Grata Kelly!! That’s fantastic.

Knitting has broken some bad habits in my family. It’s nice to see the transition.

Knit on girlfriend!!

Oh, yeah…and Ive cut down on smoking, too, Amy… :oops:…tell your friend it works!!

Thanks, all, for your kudos and enthusiasm and dancing! :happydance:

Woo-hoo!! That is great news! :happydance:

yep, I went on a body reform diet on Jan 1st… no more eting junk and no more smoking! I’ve lost 22 pounds and GAINED over $100 of money I would have spent on smokes. yay me! :cheering: The best part is I have finished more knitty things (except the mark socks :wall: ) in the last 3 months than I finished last summer being off from school. yippee!

:shock: WOW! :shock:

Yay for you!! :thumbsup: