Hey Christine, how are you feeling? I hope you’re recovering from your cold!

Yeah - and I hope you got some of that good Candy Cane Lane Tea! If you still haven’t, I will mail you some!! :slight_smile:

I could not find it (the tea) and I DID try. I have not much for a voice right now, but am feeling better. There was too much to do to stay in bed. I went to the hairdresser today and that made me feel a bit better because what she did is so awesome, but I need my bed badly. The fever is gone, but I want to sing christmas songs and I can’t. I did get my baking done and gifts wrapped and under the tree. I did get most of the cleaning done. I am going to the family party tomorrow. I want to sleep! I still have half a scarf to make. I am not going to make it. I still have to cook the supper too! Life does not stop, so neither can I! Thanks for caring, both of you!!!

The.Knitter, the only thing that most get done, is you GETTING BETTER. Everything else others can help you do. Do NOT make yourself worst trying to get everything done.

I’m sorry you’ve been sick! You can’t afford to get worse so get some rest!

The. Knitter, this is off topic, but I believe you were looking for a baby pattern for a friend some weeks back. Is this it? looks familiar to me.

Thanks, yes I think this is the pattern she was looking for. I will ask her and then see if NannaKnits will share with me. Thanks again for remembering I was looking Sue.

As for the rest, scarves?? what scarves. I don’t really care much right now so long as I can get through the holidays. I did get two of them finished and half of the third before I took sick. All I have left is 40 inches of the white now. Perhaps tomorrow, who knows…

Get better soon my friend .
Enjoy the holidays :slight_smile:

The.Knitter, I thought I had that book but I guess not. Anyway, glad I spotted that post for you.
I hope you will be feeling better soon and don’t worry about the scarves

Hey The.Knitter! It’s been a few days and I hope by now you are feeling better!! I’m sorry you couldn’t find the tea. It’s a real treat.

Please keep us posted on how you are, and get some rest!!!

OK so I think the dreaded flu bug is finally trying to LEAVE! I sure hope so, this one lasted way too long. I’ve gotten no laundry done, no cleaning done and precious little knitting done in the last few weeks. Thankfully the shawl I am working on is not a difficult pattern because if it had been I’ve have gotten much less done than I did!

I forgot to get my flu shot this year, so that explains why I keep coming up with every bug known to the modern medical world.

I still have to nap in the afternoon and it is usually a long nap. I have no idea how I am sleeping at night when I have such a long nap in the afternoon. AND the worst part is that the meds I was taking for the flu have made me …ummmmm …oh what the heck, constipated! My poor lower tummy aches. To be precise “I just don’t give a sh*t.”

Thanks for caring and your concern!

I am so sorry to hear that you have been so ill. I hope you are on the way to recovering. I know how you feel , I was ill along with my 7 year old over the xmas period. We slept all day .
Get better soon Hun


The cleaning and laundry can wait. Just concentrate on getting better.

Sending you healing thoughts :hug: Get well soon!

Oh please send some more, the darned bug is back full force again. I don’t feel good at all! Perhaps tomorrow I’ll feel better???

Oh my goodness, I hope it leaves you alone soon! Don’t try to do too much too soon- it takes your body longer than you think to build back up once the bug is gone. You need lots of sleep! Don’t worry about the other stuff, it can wait. Take care!