The Knitter Magazine

Has everyone seen the first edition yet? I’m drooling over those cabled bags…I just can’t justify making it and then putting it into storage or trying to cram yet another thing into my luggage…though the shoulder bag would make a great knitting bag. :slight_smile:

And that cabled sweater is to die for. :slight_smile:

Expecting great things for this UK magazine – they say they want to cater to the experienced knitter, which isn’t me, but what the heck!

Thanks for the link. I copied the Tneck sweater image to use as inspiration for my next top-down sweater.

That’s a Jane Gottelier (of Artwork designer knitwear fame) design – the pattern is taken from Artwork’s new book due to be published in the US in March, [I]Knitting and Tea[/I] (Potter Craft). She calls it the Somerset Cable sweater, and says in the article that it’s a reworking of an Artwork original. The back has double diamond cables running down the back. She did it in Rowan’s Silk Wool DK.

It’s a beautiful sweater!

I bought the magazine the other day, and I love it. Have high hopes for this mag. Will be buying it again

I like the sweater, but don’t like high necks, but those pillows are so pretty, too!

Cashmere…yummy yummy! :slight_smile:

oh drool!:inlove: Maybe one day!