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Hey everyone who is not paying any attention to this here knitting blog. This is the first of many posts. Just a warm welcoming and to explain a little about what this is about. I will post my current projects, projects I am planning on doing, etc. Might even end up making a list of stuff I want/need to do just to remind myself. Well thanks for stopping by, hope you come back and read more of my posts soon.

Teddy Bear

My teddy bear is coming along. I am almost done with the back, so I am like half way done. I already have stuffing from previous projects. The only thing I don’t want to do is put it together after I finish the front, that is always a pain. But I am so proud of myself this is the first teddy bear I have every made and by far the hardest pattern I have ever attempted. I will post a new picture once I am finished.

Next on my list of things to do is to make a pair of socks for my mom. I just bought this new fuzzy yarn that was on sale. I got it for half of the regular price, so I am happy. Also I have never attempted socks before so I am crossing my fingers that they turn out well. I want to give them to my mom for her birthday, but if they look bad I won’t be able to. Finally it let me post my picture of my yarn. The yarn is purple and is very fuzzy. The swatch look like it would be good to use for fuzzy socks and I just can’t wait to knit with it, since I have so far only really knitted with cotton and acrylic. I hope it is enough though, I don’t know how much you need to make socks?

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Research, Research, and More Research

I have two big research projects that are due next week. I am not really looking forward to spending my whole weekend researching. It is really boring, plus I always get sidetracked while online. One is a project for science in which I am splitting the work up with some other group members, so that is a plus. The other one though is a paper, ugh. So I have to do all my research for that. At least we get time to research in school, but I am on the computer for about three hours straight. So between working around my group members and my crazy schedule to be able to work on my project, all my other homework, and sport practices I will have to find time to start my socks (or at least a swatch) for my mom since her birthday is coming up. Wow, what a hectic weekend. I am tired think about it already.

Hey I feel your pain on the research! Where are you going, what are you studying? [size=1][I][COLOR=pink](the teacher in me wants to know “how long have you known about these assignments?” :teehee: )[/COLOR][/I][/size]

something that helps me is making sure i take lots of breaks and walk around for a while. When I was an undergrad I used to walkin up and down the dorm steps, now I just go walk around the block or something. The fresh air helps.

I have a whole biome project due and I just found out about it this week. But the due date got pushed back a little bit, so its not that bad.

We have a 9 hour drive ahead of us today for our vacation. I bought a ton of new knitting stuff to bring along with me. I just got my first pair of double-pointed needles to make socks. I started one, but miss counted the stitches so I had to restart. But I am bringing so much knitting stuff; 3 different pairs of needles, 4 different yarns, and two different pattern books. I am prepared for just about anything. Well I will be gone for a week, we will have to see how much I can get done!
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