The Knit Stitch - Need Help... Looks Like Garter Stitch

Hello There…

Just learning how to knit, and am having difficulty achieving the look of the “V” or knit stitch. Have followed book and video instruction, and am getting the same incorrect results, which looks like the garter stitch.

I am right-handed, and holding the working yarn in my left hand. My daughter who is also learning, holds her working yarn in her right hand, and we are both getting the same incorrect results.

Any ideas about what I/we may be doing wrong?

Thanking you all in advance! =)

You aren’t doing anything wrong. I am assuming that you are knitting all rows, therefore producing garter stitch. In order to produce that “V” stitch, you need to purl alternating rows:

Row 1: Knit all stitches
Row 2: Purl all stitches
Row 3: Knit all stitches
Row 4: Purl all stitches

etc, etc

This will produce stockinette stitch. One side will have the “V” knit stitch and the other side will have the “bumpy” purl stitch.

I hope this helps.

OK… you are correct… we are knitting all rows. So good to know we are on the right path.

:woohoo: Big THANKS to you Bree! :muah:

Oh no problem. I’m happy to help. :slight_smile: