The knit stich

I don’t get the knit Stitch. I have watched the vidio and I got knitting book, but I still cant figure it out. I am very confused Thanks advanced


If you can’t learn from the video, maybe these sites might make more sense.

Which video did you watch, Shelly? There are TWO videos on the knit stitch on this site…one for continental (pink video icon…holding the working yarn in your left hand) and english (blue, for your right hand). If one didnt make sense to you, maybe try watching the other?

Yeppers! I agree. But then also remember that “getting it” might just come with practice. When I started knitting, I could physically perform the knit st; but I didn’t feel like I actually understood. Once the principles of knitting sunk it, only then did I feel like a knitter. :cheering: By principles, I only mean that I finally understood that knitting was basically pulling loops through and/or over other loops in an organized manner. :wink: So keep at it with patience; the end is well worth the means. :thumbsup:

**end speech :lol: (Bleh, that sounded like speech, eh?)

Anywhoo - onward with Knitting! :mrgreen: