The Joy of Teaching a New Knitter

Oh my gosh. I’m so excited! One of the teachers at my school mentioned that she wants to learn to knit (this after I made her two cell phone cozies before Christmas). She mentioned how excited I get when I talk about my knitting. :teehee:

Yesterday, I brought her a set of needles (don’t mind sharing my old needles since I have my Options now). I also brought her some yarn and the book I learned from last summer.

After getting a funny email about how hard she tried last night, I took a stroll to her classroom. I had the pleasure of showing her how to hold the yarn and work the knit and purl stitches.

Oh, and I also told her about this WONDERFUL site!!

Feels so great!!! :happydance:

You are officially a knit-pusher :slight_smile: My friends say I should stand on the corner in a trench coat that I could open to reveal skeins of yarn and needles, saying “Psst, wanna make a swatch?”


Oh my gosh…that is too funny!!!


I’m a fiber pusher too! :oops:

I totally understand the joy of teaching. At my knitting group last saturday, I helped this woman who was trying to make a basketweave scarf. I taught her how to read her knitting more than the pattern, and the look on her face when she realized that she finally understood was priceless! Also, the beauty of her finished work was worth looking at, as well. Enjoy teaching, there’s nothing like it!

I am a total knitpusher!! I even have grandknitters :slight_smile: <-- people that have learned to knit from people I have taught.

in person teaching is fun! over the web- a lot harder. have a blast - im sure you will have some great stories!

I am planning a knitting workshop at my house in March for my women’s group and a friend and I plan to use the videos on this site in our workshop to teach others the joy of knitting! I can’t wait! :hug:

Image made me laugh out loud and snort my lemon water out through my nose! :notworthy:

What? You have access to Bran Flakes? kewl! :happydance:

The idea of grand-knitters never even occurred to me, and suddenly I NEED THEM. Hummm, who can I pressure to teach someone to knit, and who should I pressure them to teach?

I wonder if it will be like they say about grandkids, that they are so fun I will wish I had the grandknitters first.