The IMPOSSIBLE Fetching Gloves (rant ahead)

I am going OUT OF MY MIND trying to knit this supposedly EASY pattern. If I am not dropping stitches on the DPN’s (it has only just now occoured to me to figure out how to pick up a dropped stitch on a pearl row) I’m screwing up the gauge, or twisting the cable in the wrong direction, or or or or OR. I’ve frogged these gloves so many times I think I have rendered my yarn unusable. The once smooth, soft Debbie Bliss Cashmerino yarn is now pretty frizzy at the beginning.

This is one of my attempts that went awry (you can’t see all the bad mistakes in this photo)

The thing is, that gauge was WAY off EVEN though I did a swatch. I’ve never once had a gauge swatch accurately depict the actual gauge I knit. By the time I got to the second glove I was a lot better with the DPNs and my gauge was MUCH tighter, so much so that they actually looked like they were knitted by a different person! The two gloves weren’t even looking close to the same size. I also ran out of yarn because I used so much knitting the first glove with the wrong gauge. So I decided to cut my losses and frog the whole darn project. But I had already bound off/broke yarn with the first and now I am thinking I will have a zillion breaks in the yarn by the time I get to my second glove. And of course there is that yarn-so-freyed-it’s-icky to knit with issue, too. Perhaps I will buy a new ball, but that seems so wasteful.

This “fast knit” project that I’ve seen other knitters say they did in ONE SITTING takes me probably two days to knit each glove because I have two babies 16 months apart (21 mo and 5 mo). Between having my work pulled out by my toddler or having my baby yanking at me as I try to nurse and knit (note to nursing mamas: do not try to nurse and knit with DPNs, it’s just not possible to do sucessfully). I AM SO FRUSTERATED. I have never completed a project except the SNB Knitty Kerchif which really wasn’t that fantastic not to mention I never use it. Maybe part of the reason is I’m tackling projects that are too hard and I’m also a perfectionist.

Does anyone have any tips? I’m almost ready to quit again. Should I learn a new meathod, maybe? I know I don’t hold my yarn “right” (I don’t hold pencils right either!) and I knit English. Maybe I just have icky tension? Should I try magic loop for round knitting? It looks like a pain to me, I’d almost rather deal with dropped stitches on DPNs.

Help if you can! Thanks in advance.

I’ve never done these so I can’t help you. This one is gorgeous though!

Well thanks! LOL when you look at the glove you can actually SEE my gauge getting tighter as it goes on. Well, better luck next time, eh? Though honestly I think I may do an easier project for now to get up some confidence and/or finally FINISH something.

the pattern for the gloves is from, designed by Cheryl Niamath

Well for one glove its beautiful!

My mom wants me to make her some fingerless gloves and I admit… I am terrified!! :teehee:

Your glove does look beautiful, and I love the color! I too have had (and continue to have) my share of gauge/tension problems, so I totally understand the frustration. I knit gauge swatches, only to find my gauge dramatically different on the actual project. So, you’re not alone!!

You tension will get more even with practice though, so don’t give up. You could knit some things where gauge doesn’t matter so much – bags, scarves, blankets, dishcloths, ponchos, etc. to get some practice and still be creating some beautiful stuff.

Honestly, I really thing your glove is gorgeous, and I don’t notice any unevenness in the gauge. And, I bet if there are any they’d even out with washing/blocking.

Have you seen the KAL Thread for Fetching? Ther emay be some tips for you there. I made my pair on two circular needles, and I didn’t have any problems with dropping stitches off the needles.

I think the one you posted looks nice! I know it sucks when you’re not happy with the finished product… think of it as a learning experience, maybe?

Don’t give up on this pattern. Try the 2 circ technique, if you can, it might work for you.

I did a pair with Lionbrand WoolEase and size 6 DPNs, and it wasn’t too bad. From what I hear, the DB Cashmerino Aran fuzzes a lot. And you know how the pattern says to reverse the cables so they twist toward your thumbs? Well, if you turn your hands over, they twist the other way, so don’t stress about it!

I was told something that might help you out. When you swatch make sure that you have been knitting on something for 5-10 mins first that way your hands will have a chance to warm up instead of just going straight to the swatch. Maybe try that next time you need to swatch?

Having said all that I love your glove! :hug:

I did my fetching with two circulars instead of DPNs. Way easy and no dropped stitches.

Ok, so the board timed out showing the review of the thread…I don’t know which comment goes to which person, but I’m sure you all will figure it out if I’m talking to you :wink:

Thanks for the tip about the gauge swatches, I will have to try that.

What is this two circular technique? Is that like magic loop? I may try it…

The DB yarn DOES fuzz a lot. Kind of annoying, because the more it fuzzes the less soft it is when you’re knitting x__x.

Well, I’ve started over and so far, so good. Maybe it was just a bad knitting week?

Oh, and ty for the link to the thread on Fetching!! I didn’t know it existed.

Knitting a glove in two days with 2 littles ones IS GREAT! It’s just a season and they will be grown with two little ones of their own before you know it… and they will be the ones trying to knit with 2 little ones. You may even be teaching them how to knit and telling them that it’s OK that it takes more time with little ones. At least, that’s what I tell my daughter when she can’t seem to finish her knitting :slight_smile:

The glove incorporates a lot of techniques, so while it’s small and not terribly difficult, it’s a lot of new things to learn at once if you haven’t already knitted a bit. You are doing great to have learned all you have.

I keep a simple project going along with one that takes a little more focus. That way, I can knit on the simple project when I have grandkids around, or times when it’s hard to focus, and pull out the more difficult project when I have a little time when I don’t have interuptions.

Don’t give it up! You’ll get there before you know it.

Mama Bear

Thank you so much, Mama Bear. That is so inspiring. I think I am going to start a KAL or just knit some legwarmers as well --there is a pattern on knitty and they are knit on the flat in stockinette–I think I can do that!! LOL.

And yea, this was a lot of techniques to learn all at once. I suppose it was a touch on the ambitious side to try to learn cabling AND knitting with DPNs all in one go :open_mouth:

I love to see that you went from “rant” to revived! :cheering:

No pattern (or yarn) is ever going to treat each one of us the same, and I appreciate the frustration of wanting something to come out right, and not quite getting there.

I agree with Mama Bear on being patient with yourself and her technique of having more than 1 project, each a different complexity.

I also agree with Hilde about the 2 circulars method, I used this on a pair of wrist warmers and it worked great! You can see a video by Amy here on KH. The key when you’re doing this method is that you are always working with both end of the SAME needle; when you’re done a row with that needle, drop the ends and pick up the other needle.
With this method you only have 2 joins, which I love, less chance of loose stitches.

The Fetching you’ve shown really does look great! Here’s to you for continuing to work on it! :yay:

Not so ambitious. :slight_smile: That’s what I did. But I agree with what Amber said about practice. My first glove turned out great even though I had never used DPN’s or cabled before, and I think that’s because I’d knit lots of scarves and very simple projects before. By the time I got around to the gloves, I had the tension down evenly.

I actually think your glove looks nice and cozy. It doesn’t really LOOK like a project that’s gone terribly awry. :teehee:

You are doing a great job :cheering: I agree with what the others have said, you have babies and you knit one of these in 2 days, that’s quite an accomplishment! Amy has a video under advanced tech. that shows small diameter circular knitting on 2 circs, it’s quite easy once you get the hang of it…I love, love it.
Also, I’ve found in knitting it’s as it is in life; if I am tense or have other things distracting me, I have a tendency to tighten my knitting; if I am relaxed, my knitting is looser. So, please, please don’t beat yourself up about your tension changing as you knit! It can happen with all of us. Practice, practice, practice, as the saying goes!
You are doing great! Reward yourself with a quick, mindless project that you or someone that you love will enjoy :wink: