The Importance of Being Ernesto

I just wanted to give a virtual hug to all of you in Ernesto’s predicted path, and let you know you’re in our thoughts here at our house. Hope the garden gnomes stay in the yard!

I also wanted to ask you knitters in the Gulf and Atlantic states - what is your state/region’s signature survival food?

Dave Barry, in his blog says they swear by beer, tuna and full-fat Cheez-its in Florida, and I just wondered what foodstuffs were culturally in demand during pre-hurricane shopping blitzes in your area.

In New England, our yearly equivalent to hurricane season (which effects us directly but in the rare year) is really Nor’easter season. Our ‘Panic Mode’ foodstuff selections seem to focus on milk, peanut butter, marshmallow Fluff, saltines, baked beans, Country Kitchen bread and Nissen doughnuts. Basically picture frozen, housebound, entertainment-starved Yankees unable to take a crap for four days on account of the constipation, yet filling their homes with dangerous self-produced methane. Frankly, carbon monoxide from generators is the least of our worries when the lights go out.

No school for us tomorrow in Orlando … but so far, it does not look like it will be too bad for us. Ummmmm … I didn’t go to the grocery store … but I did stop by AC Moore to get another ball of purple wool for the clogs I am going to make tomorrow … I stood and looked at the lighted tip needles for a long time … but decided a flashlight would work if needed :slight_smile:

I worked as a cashier for Winn-Dixie in Daytona Beach, Florida in 1996. When we were threatened by one the main food that flew off the shelves was Campbells Chicken Soup. Also, anything in cans… Beanie Weanies, Vianna Sausages, etc. ets. I saw a bunch of bread and PB&J go, too. Plus water. OMG the water!!! So much water I got tired of lifting it lol.

I don’t think we here in central florida will get hit with anything more than heavy rain and some thunderstorms.

Dave Barry is in SOUTH FLORIDA, so if you ask those of us in NORTHWEST FLORIDA our answer will be much different. (And we’ve had 3 hurricanes and 2 tropical storms between September 2004 and August 2005!) So we know survival food up (down) here! What I find runs off the shelves first are Pop-Tarts, beef jerkey and peanut butter. After that it is bread, jelly and (for some unkown reason) SPAM! ICK ICK ICK!!! For our family we tend to get cereal, chips, granola bars and ice cream. OK< don’t laugh, but it is a family tradition that my mom started when we were kids. During Hurricane Frederic (would have been '79) my mom had just been to the commisary and had bought several cartons of ice cream. As soon as the power went out she realized that the ice cream was going to melt, so she made her way through the garage (where the chickens and goat were) got out the cartons of ice cream, retrieved some spoons and we all sat around on the living room floor gorging on ice cream playing flashlight tag on the ceiling. And thus was born a family tradition. My kids think it is the greatest thing ever and the store clerks always look at us weird because we will have a loaf of bread, a jar of peanut butter and ice cream! (I stockpile, so there is no reason for us to panic before a hurricane!)

Well, there is survival food, and there is comfort food. Doughnuts are my favorite comfort food.

We have a generator and have gas appliances and a grill so we still cook pretty much the way we do normally when we lose power. We do stock up on gas if needed to power all these things. I do buy some dry staples for the pantry but otherwise we’re not much into eating a bunch of junk if we take a hit. Maybe some granola bars, raisins, etc. Last time we had so much work to do cleaning up the yard I needed all the good food I could use. Plus, I don’t want to gain ten pounds on top of everything else. :teehee: