The i-cord that only had one person help!

Hey Amy! I know you are molto busy these days.

I posted further back but didn’t get any help. I made my first I cord and I am trying to visualize what you mean when you describe attaching it. Are you knitting it on? I can’t quite get it. If you have time could you explain it a little more?

Will it be sturdy if it’s knitted on but not reinforced with extra sewing?
(It’s for a little bag I made)

Appreciate it if you can! Vic

Hi Vicotose

Attached Icord is usually knit onto the item while it is being created. You can check out this link for a good demo.

Sorry if you knew this already and are asking specifically about attaching an Icord after it has been created. I’ve never seen that done, though I’m sure you can sew it on.

Thanks bobbiinbrooklyn! Glad to see that video. I didn’t mean that, doing an I cord as an edge but now I’ve learned that technique which is a good one. No, I have a seperate I cord that I’ve made for a small mohair handbag. That’s why I got confused I guess, when I read Amy’s instructions for knitting it on…

she was describing the technique in that video. I am attaching the cord to a bag, so I guess I shouldn’t try to knit it on! (maybe that was obvious but… like I say I got confused by her instructions)

So, I guess I’ll just sew it on! thanks again

well ok I’m being a llittle catty meow

but I didn’t get much help so I finally said :figureditout:
screw this waiting around and just
picked up 6 stitches at the corner of my bag and knitted a couple of rows for stabilization then decreased one stitch and starting doing I cord with 5 stitches and it’s darn hard with the cotton to do a tight I cord but it’s looking really good and so there,

I figured it out. :XX:

Oops, this was a I cord for another bag! :oops: Ha ha, can’t keep up with my knitting. I made 2 bags, mohair and one in white cotton.
The mohair bag still has it’s little I cord laying next to it

Here we go again. As I said, I guess I’ll just sew it on, that must be the only way at this point and I was too dimwitted to figure it out.

oh- sorry I didn’t see this - I just finished a purse and made it with an I-cord strap. I picked up 12 stitches along the side of the bag and knit St st, dec every other row until I had 6 sts, then made I-cord until the strap was the length I wanted (I didn’t know that 5 is supposedly the max number of sts for I-cord, but mine turned out just great). Then on the other side I started the same way, but once I had 6 sts I joined the two live ends via kitchener stitch. Turned out rather nice - I hope yours does too!


Carol…Your idea sounds great but I have a question…did you pick up the stitches on double points before you casted off?


Thanks Carol… that’s interesting, you picked up 12 stitches. I only started with 6 then icord with 5. But it seems to be ok. So you’ve got it connected on the lower side. I found a picture of a bag where the Icords are the same length coming up from the sides then tied in a knot at the top with short floppy ends. It’s kind of cute.

okey doke

I picked up the 12 stitches on circulars using a new strand of yarn because I had already finished the top of the bag. I decided to pick up 12 (I made up the pattern as I went along) because I wanted the I-cord strap to be connected to the full width of the side of the bag, so I ended up with a little triangle of stitches at the base of the I-cord strap on both sides of the bag.

I tried to take pics to show this, but they didn’t turn out. I’ll try again tomorrow in better light.


now you’ve got me confused Carol! (although I can perfectly picture the end product). You didn’t do I cord with circulars did you?
That’s impossible isn’t it! Maybe you mean you just picked them up with circulars then put them on dpns?

Yeah, would like to see a picture if you get one.
I’m going to post one of my bag in finished projects as soon as I finally get it down.

Yes, I did do it with circs. I used them as dpns, picked up 12, decreased to 6, knit 6, slide, pull tight, knit 6, slide…

Here are pics of the front and back of the strap attachment.


That’s a nice bag Carol, looks perfect! I like the sides. It’s wool?
Very sturdy looking. I don’t know why, I can’t imagine I cord with a circular but I guess if I tried it it would come. Seems like the cord would be a nuisance.

Anyhoo, I finally finished my bag yesterday and I love it! It’s a Summer bag for sure. I was doing that at the bottom of the straps but ripped it out and just did I cord right from the start.

Here it is! :cheering:

Nice - I love these kind of bags!

When I knit with circs where it calls for straights or dpns, I just ignore the cord.

My bag is made from Crystal Palace Deco-ribbon. I was originally going to do this pattern, but it changed per the recipient’s request (Mom asked nicely!).


Thats an interesting bag Carol… the way they do the cord sounds super easy and quick. Think I’m going to try that some time! It would make an elegant bag too, esp if there were some sparkle in the yarn.

I would guess that if you wanted to Icord on circs, you would just slide it to the other end the same as you do with DPNs?

Yes! I’ve seen a couple purses now where the knitter has carried along another ribbon or other sparkly yarn with the CP Deco and it looks great! I happen to have two balls of the Deco and one ball of shiny variegated ribbon that I was going to use as a stripe in the middle or top - I just am trying to decide what shape to make it. I kind of like this one.

How much yarn did your white bag take?

Yes, Kelly, exactly as with DPNs.


Oh wow, Carol, that bag is so PRETTY. I love it.
Put it on the list.