The hubby thinks I'm nuts

The crazy conversations that get started at work - one of the docs and I were talking about grocery shopping and how we love to watch the “you saved” line on our receipt. The hubby thinks I’m silly for getting as happy as I do about watching our bill go down when I give them our card. (not sure if all grocery stores are like ours, but you have to have that crazy card to scan to get the sale prices and get double coupons)…anyway I get a kick out of letting them ring up all our groceries and then hand them my little card and then the coupons. It’s like I have this little competition with myself to see how much I can save by buying what is on sale and using my coupons. Last week our bill went from around $115 to $75 ! Just wondering if I am neurotic ?

Not neurotic, just thrifty. Considering the economy that’s a good thing.

It is a great thing anytime but especially now. My DH is the coupon person in our family and sometimes I have to admit, he has saved quite a bit at the cash register. We also have those ‘cards’ at each of the three markets we shop regularly. :thumbsup:

Nope, not neurotic! I love watching the register save me $$, too!:slight_smile:


I save about $20-30 each time I use the card and a few coupons, it always feels good to see that amount. I have heard about some women who use enough coupons that they will end up paying about $10 for $100 worth of groceries!! (not sure if they are actually being stuff they will use as opposed to buying stuff because she has the coupons?) I think your hubby is nuts for not understanding you!:wink:

Not nuts at all!!

Nope, not nuts. I just spent the last half hour cutting out coupons.
We don’t have the cards at our grocery stores here but we do have them for other types of stores around here and when I’m up in Tennessee I make sure to use them there.
I always look at the amount saved line!

I do like to look at the “you saved” line, but I also take it with a grain of salt, knowing that the store I go to that does this has high prices to begin with. I wonder how much I really saved or didn’t save compared to if I had shopped at stores B, C, or D that don’t require a savings card and just have generally better prices. I do tend to over-analyze things. :teehee:

Dmknits - that’s the thing…EVERY grocery store in this area has a card. I seriously have a seperate key ring that I keep all the cards on Food Lion, Kroger, Giant, Harris Teeter. Shoot even the library and Petsmart have key ring cards now ! I used to shop all the store ads looking for the best price on stuff, and have now decided to stick with just one. Stores use the cards to track your purchases and send you coupons so every couple of months I get a coupon for 20% off your order and a lot coupons that are for stuff I actually buy.

I mostly buy the weekly specials only so I end up saving a lot. I find a lot of the staple items at Big Lots or the Dollar store, where I usually buy the canned/boxed things, and mostly get produce, dairy or meat at the grocery store. And bakery items when they’re marked down…

I have always said that I don’t mind spending money (you have to buy food and stuff), it’s only that I want to decide how much I spend. Why spend more than you have to do so at any location? Use all the saving options available.


My roommate is like that. I think it’s nuts the way he does it.
If you’re playing the sales and bouncing between stores you’re probably saving money. If you’re stuck on one store and only paying attention to what they say you are saving you probably aren’t.
There’s a lot of psychology that goes into marketing and they don’t work it so they make less money.

When we had more than one grocery store and they were having sales wars he made out pretty good. Now that we have one and Walmart he makes no sense because he won’t go to Walmart because they don’t have any kind of slick marketing deals, even though he would spend less not getting coupons doubled.

I’m more of a bulk saver. I don’t care what the “sale” price is, I look at the price per ounce and get the best deal. If Sam’s Club was closer and cheaper to join I’d be in trouble (but when I worked next to them and got a free membership I learned their savings didn’t make up for their membership cost with what I buy/use).