The heel flap

Okay I got my pattern well some what… I am making sock I have k2 p2 for 2 in not I am knitting for 6 in now what do I do with the heel flap I know that I do short rows… I split them to 32 st soo NOW I think I sl 1 k 29 wr 1 ? is this right ??? then I sl 1 p28 wr 1

is this right can someone help me ?
Jenifer :??

Jenifer, I’m smiling when I say this, so please don’t take offense, but you REALLY need to punctuate your posts. Are you asking how to divide stitches to work on the heel flap? Have you actually completed the 6 inches of stockinette?

This site will help you a lot:

Thanks to Beldie for the link!

Does this thread have anything to do with this:

I think Jennifer is asking how to do wrapped short-row heels (and she’s doing her socks on a magic loop, not dpns)?

I split them to 32 st soo NOW I think I sl 1 k 29 wr 1 ? is this right ??? then I sl 1 p28 wr 1

It sounds OK. Are you working from a pattern? Also, have you seen Amy’s video:
(third video from the bottom)

To do a short row heel with wraps as per Amy’s video instructions, I think it would be:

Row 1: k31, turn
Row 2: with yarn forward, slip the stitch on the right needle to the left needle, bring the yarn to the back, put the slipped stich back on the right needle, and bring the yarn forward (this “wraps” the yarn), p30, turn
Row 3: wrap, k29, turn


Whichever way you’re doing it, your pivot-point (the point at which you start increasing out again) would come when you have about 14 stitches between wraps.

Hope it helps.

PS If you want to use an easy short-row technique that doesn’t require wrapping, try this one:

Mary Lycan’s "Sherman Heel"

I have used this for a couple of pairs of socks on 2 circs and it’s quite easy, plus it doesn’t leave holes.