The Harry Potter knit itch

I just saw the fifth Harry Potter movie for the first time, and I couldn’t help but notice the plethora of knitted clothing worn in it :inlove: ! As I’m sure the same holds true for the other movies, I had not yet taught myself to knit (and therefore overlooked their knitted wardrobe). As soon as I finished the movie, I was out the door to buy yarn! I want to knit myself something similar to the grey scarf and hat set that Hermione was wearing in one of the later scenes. So, my question is…

Do any other Harry Potter fans get the “knit itch” after watching one of the movies? :knitting:

On the plane last night I was watching the same Harry Potter film and was eyeing up the same hat and scarf that you were. I was wondering what type of yarn it was and how much it would cost to buy!!

Obviously you haven’t found the book Charmed Knits yet which has some patterns from the various movies. It is not an authoritative book in that “these are the patterns that were used” but more “these are patterns based on what I could figure out from the films” I’ve made several items from that book including 4 Animal Cracker Hats, Herminone’s Bobble and Cable Mittens and Gloves and a house scarf (Ravenclaw - ok, didn’t need a pattern for that! LOL!) I’m currently knitting up the last of the yarn left over from the Animal Cracker Hats into a scarf. I figure that is the sort of thing that Molly Weasley would have done. If you haven’t read the books, there are TONS of knitting references all through the books. Molly isn’t the only knitter!


until i’ve been at the stockingette stitch in my son’s weasley sweater for an hour or so and then i’m wondering what posessed me :slight_smile:

I also use the Charmed Knits book :slight_smile: