The Harlot's going to be in my area!


I’m so excited to get to see her. (Leaving the kids behind and making a day of it!) Has anyone here been before? I’m wondering what to expect, how long it lasts, what to bring to knit, those sorts of questions!

Awesome! Where is your area? She’s coming to Atlanta in September and I am super excited to see her here.
I think they are having a “knit in” here 1st so I think I’ll take something easy (like this felted bag I am working on).
She’ll also be signing her new book - it’s my first time going to a knitterly book signing - I’m excited!

She’s coming to Houston on 9/18 and my LYS is sponsoring her visit. I’ve already reserved a space and have a book for her to sign. I’m so excited!

That is also MY LYS! I have reserved a spot too and I’m also very excited about this. I only have one of her books (so far) but it is very special because my son gave it to me for Christmas last year.

She is so funny, so this should be a great event!

I’m in Sugar Land, and we don’t have a LYS here, so I’ll join yours! Which store? Please give link!

I’d love to see her but we don’t even have a LYS. :tap:

GJ - This is the link, you have to send an email to reserve your spot.

McKnitty & GJ - Let’s have a KH meetup at the event!

She was at my LYS at the end of March, but I didn’t know about it - then she was in Denver early April while I visited, and I didn’t know about that either!

I bet you’ll have a great time!

Stupid Army! :tap: She was in Ann Arbor, MI in April, but the Army had us in Missouri. Now we’re in Washington and she’ll be in Seattle on September 14. But where will I be? Back in Ann Arbor!

I’ll be going to Wichita to see her. I’m excited. Since I started knitting in January, and promptly became addicted, her books and blog have made me feel like a normal person, and not a knitting freak of nature!

Knitwit -
I’ll be at the one in Atlanta =-) I have reservations for the knit in maybe I’ll see ya there!

Sounds good to me!

Hello everyone! I live in Canada, near Toronto, and the Yarn Harlot spoke there a little while ago. You’re gonna love her! I had only found her site a bit before she spoke there, and I"m so glad I did. I’ve collected all but one of her books since then. I believe she spoke for about an hour alltold, maybe a bit less. I had to leave then, as my small grandkids needed to get home. I’d have loved to stay for having my book signed. She’s so funny, and so special, and I envy you going to see her! I’d go in a minute! Have a great time! samm

I’d love to meet up! Anyone coming from Sugar Land or the SW area?

I just checked my calendar. :doh: I can’t go!:doh:

Cool! It’ll be fun to meet some local people! I’ll get the details from Twisted Yarns and find out how the location is setup, then we can plan to meet somewhere.

Yea, I’m excited! :cheering:

Is anyone going to the Los Angeles stop? I’m thinking about it and would love meet up with other KHers!