The Guernsey Potato Peel hat

I started this hat last year but got so aggravated with it that I threw it in my closet to let it (and me) calm down a little. I pulled it out a few weeks ago to give it one more shot and managed to finally finish it. I was knitting merrily along until I came to the decreasing rounds for the crown. I could not, for the life of me, figure out how the decreasing should be worked. I pulled the pattern up again (from Ravelry) and noticed that there had been some changes made pertaining to that part of the hat so I guess others were having the same problem. It was still touch and go there for a few rounds, but finally the light came on and I managed to get it done! I somehow lost one ball of yarn somewhere so I had to improvise the crown a bit, but no biggie. I haven’t washed/blocked it yet so it’s still wonky. I’m just glad I can cross this off my WIP list.


Well worth the extra time, effort and patience. It’s a gorgeous hat!
Have you read the book? It’s very good.


Thank you, Salmonmac. Now that I understand how to work the decreases, I’m tempted to try making another one. No, I’ve not read the book, but there was a TV movie that was good.

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What an intriguing pattern name! It is beautiful and I hope you manage to finish one.

Well done for getting back to it! Looks hard!

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A lovely hat - well done on persevering - it was well worth the effort!

We watched the film as a family last Christmas - excellent film. Would love to read the book.


Thank you, Gillian. I’m glad I finished it also. One more thing checked off my “to finish” list. :slightly_smiling_face:

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really is something excellent. Well done! Sknitter56


Hi, fabulous hat, well done!! I’ve just downloaded the pattern off Ravelry. For materials it says: 2-ply jumper-weight pure wool, 6 color. I’m guessing it’s just one 25g ball of each colour? I’ve never attempted anything like this but your hat had inspired me :smile:

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Hi, Linda! Yes, just one ball of each color is plenty. The main part of the hat is easy, it’s just where the decreases for the top starts is where it gets a little confusing. I think the designer may have changed the directions a little as my pattern is different from the one on Ravelry now. Good luck with yours and let me know if you need a little help.

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Thank you, Auriane!

Thank you :blush:

Linda…also, I called several different yarn stores for the yarn as I was not able to find them all at the same place. I made mine using the exact yarn called for in the pattern. You could make this using your own choice of yarn and colors as long as they are the same weight. Please let me know if you need any help. Mary

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NICE work!!

struggling with a hat brim right now…
thinking of shortrows…
hoping for a salvation moment :desert_island:

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