The Great Escape

I finally figured out how Molly, my youngest dog, is escaping from the yard:



:cheering: :cheering: Great job, Molly!!!:rofl:

Thank goodness our pup hasn’t figured out that one yet !! Seems like she has done everything else…

That dog has some serious skills! :roflhard:

Oh my gosh! She’d be great at the high jump or hurdles! :teehee:

I had to act like I left the house to figure out how my 3 previous dogs were escaping from their pen.
I’d put 3 into the pen when leaving and they would always be out when I got home.

She was able to flip the latch with her nose.
Then to act innocent she would stay in there while the other two would cause trouble.

That is toooooooooo funny:roflhard::roflhard: Sorry
So what are ya gonna do to keep her in?:??

My neighbor suggested spraying her with a water hose as she’s going over. I think this is a great idea because she cannot stand water. After he told me that, I put her in the backyard, called for her from the other side of the fence, and squirted water on her. Mean, I know, but maybe she’ll associate going over the fence with water?

Another thing I’ve got to be more diligent about is using the wireless collar (i.e. shock collar). No mean comments, please. I went through that once before.

Whenever I do use the collar, which beeps a warning first, she’s good about not going out of the yard, whether it’s over or under. So, I’ll probably go out and buy a couple more batteries and start using it again.

Ohhhhhhhh yes I remember the collar forum( I was in on that one)I’m with you on using them. Anyway the hose sounds like a good idea. It is amazing what dogs can think of to do themselves, But if you tried to teach him to jump the fence he would never do it:roflhard:. Good luck and keep us posted.

Nathalie,what a wonderful jumper you have there! You ought to take her for agility training, I know you have the time :out:

Very cute dog, by the way~

:roflhard: Oh wow she is a good jumper. I watched and my mouth just dropped, as I bursted out laughing. :roflhard: Hope the water works and keeps her the back yard.:teehee:


That dog has some serious jumping talents. You are going to need more than a hose or a shock collar on her. She is determined! Good luck!

:passedout: That is amazing… I agree with others, whatever it takes to get her to stop, for her own safety and your sanity! What an amazing and wonderful dog!

I’m glad you enjoyed the video! My sister saw the movie Marley and Me (I refuse to see it because of the sad ending), and she said that Molly’s antics remind her of Marley’s.


[COLOR=“DarkOrchid”]Wow! Smart dog…
Huge fence… That’s one determined puppy!
TEMA:thumbsup: [/COLOR]

Wow that’s one crazy climber!

Hmmm… I don’t like the hose idea for only one reason. You said you were going to call her first! That may translate to her that if she comes when you call she gets the hose, not that climbing over the fence is unpleasant. The best way would be to wait until she decides to escape, and get her wet with the hose without her seeing that it’s you! Especially if she usually escapes when you aren’t paying attention. It can be so hard to catch them in the act like that, though. My dogs always do their mischief when I’m not looking. IE they would never dig a hole when I was nearby, but I know those holes are getting in the yard somehow! :slight_smile:

I am totally pro shock collar for things like preventing them from getting out of the yard. Getting a warning beep and then a zing if they continue to try to get out of the yard is nothing compared to getting hit by a car. I don’t think shock collars work as well for training commands like sit, etc., - those are best trained with positive reinforcement. But for a negative behavior that’s only occurring out of your sight and could be dangerous, you shouldn’t feel guilty. :muah:

if the shock collar doesn’t work, you could always put her on a run. we actually had to buy the ones that were the coated wire cable and wrap it 3-4 times around a huge oak tree because the dog we had (husky/rottie mix) kept ripping the bolts out of the side of the garage that we attatched it too (this was after her ripping the steak out of the ground and physically MOVING the swingset when we hooked her up to that once)


Your dog gave me a good laugh tonight. Good Luck in your quest to outsmart that smart dog!

Calling her and then spraying her may not be a good idea.

  1. You are teaching her that jumping the fence is what you want her to do.
  2. And then you are making her not trust you by spraying her when she did all she could to come when you called.

Oh, I agree. I only did that one time…just so she knows that I know. I’m keeping the collar on her now. It seems to be helping.