The Great Escape - How She Did That

My son was in the backyard today when Molly decided to go over. We’ve never seen it from that side before, so I grabbed the camera and caught her doing it again. Here’s how she gets up there…


I figured there was a cross hatch.

Should’ve harshly yelled “no” and stopped her.
Catching them in the act through their own actions goes a very long way in breaking bad habits.
All other ways of trying to get it across to them relies on them “getting it”.

Yeah, I know…about the reprimanding her there and then…but I didn’t want y’all to hear me being mean. :rofl:

How about if you build a shelf or something to put up there and put a plant on it.Or make it into a little cupboard to put stuff in. Just some ideas:teehee:
I just looked at it again and how about if you take that piece of wood she puts her hind feet on and remove it and put it lower down so she can’t use it for support herself to jump over the fence.

or smoth the top edge to slope down
the fence will be supported, but she cannot grab the edge that sticks out in the Rt angle

just an idea

Good ideas…except that the wood that’s on the ground is there because she kept digging herself under the fence. :rofl:

I think some barbed wire on the inside top portion would stop her quick!:poke::wink:


Looks like you just need to teach that other dog to jump a few inches higher and they’d take care of the punishment.

The black dog, Aubie, is my oldest. She sounds ferocious, but she’s a darling. I think that’s her way of getting onto Molly for misbehaving. Aubie used to be a runner too (although not a jumper), but she’s mellowed out a ton now. She’s so good. Molly could take a page from her book.