The great aran american afghan

hi, i’m working on the great aran american afghan. and i have two charts, chart a has 40 rows and chart b has 20. so i follow the pattern and i do 20 rows of chart a and 20 of b. now it says to do chart b 5 times more do i start over on chart a? the pattern is from meredith k. morioka. not sure i’m getting the math part on how to work chart b 5 more times. thanks for the help…karen

Do the 20 rows of chart b and then repeat 5 more times so you’ll have 120 rows of b total. At the same time when you’ve finished the first repeat of chart b, you’ll also finish the 40 rows of chart a. Then you’ll start both charts over again and so on until finally you’ve done altogether 6 repeats of chart b and 3 repeats of chart a (also 120 rows total). This is a lovely afghan pattern. Enjoy knitting it!

thank you for the help on my first question on this afghan. now i’m doing my 3rd square and it is not coming out right. the sq. is from georgia vincent. it tells me to k1, k50, s2kp2) 4 times and when i add this up it comes out to 52 stitches but when i do the work i only end up with 51, so i can’t do the next row of k1, (k48, s2kp2) because i only have 51 stitches. is this pattern written wrong? i have taken it apart at least 4 times already. thanks again for the help…karen

The s2kp2 is a slip 2, k1, pass 2 sts over the one stitch. It takes 3 sts and leaves you with one st. So the repeat ends up with 52sts. You need 52sts for the repeat on the next row so that works out.

thanks again i did that but i will pull it all out and try again maybe i’m missing a step some place. if i have trouble i will come back on. thanks once again

hello again, ok i tried again to do this pattern from georgia vincent. this time i placed markers when i did my first rnd and i have 53 stitches between each marker. so now i go and do my rnd 2 and it says to k1, (k50, s2kp2) how does this add up to 53? to me it adds up to 54. since i have 53 stitches, if i k1, then k50 more and then i need to have 3 at the end so i can slip 2 and then k1 and pass over the 2 i just slipped. am i doing it wrong by placing the markers? thanks again. karen

The round is k1, (k50, s2kp2), the repeat is what’s in the parenthesis and might not include the k1. That takes 52 sts, so maybe you do have the markers in the wrong place. You might be getting too tired to work on it more tonight. It would also help if you write out the entire round as it looks in the pattern, with the () in the right places and any *s if there are any. Then we can help you figure out where the markers go, though sometimes markers don’t help because a decrease may use a stitch on both sides of a marker, so you end up having to move them.

thanks for all the help on my last question. now this one if i have 60 stitches and i need to inc 10 evenly spaced on the center 54 how would i know where to start

You could work 3sts, then increase in the next stitch and continue increasing in every 6th stitch. You should end with 10 increases and then work to the end (I think 2sts). It’s approximately centered. To end with 3sts, you could make one of the increases in the 5th rather than the 6th st