The Great American Aran Afghan

That is just amazing! I can sort of see myself working on it over the next … maybe 10 years? Maybe not that long … But how incredible a thing to pass down. I’m going to think about this. Thanks for posting!

By the way, we have a group now on Ravelry for GAAA knitters. Here’s the link:

The discussion board is very lively!

Are you in Ravelry yet? I would suggest posting your question to the group because there are several people there that have made that square. They might be able to help. I haven’t attempted that one yet . . .

This afghan is gorgeous! I ordered the book this morning. I got it for 12.89 + shipping at Amazon. I checked Barnes & Noble, and they only had used copies for $58 - $100! I plan for this to be a long term project – especially since I will probably knit two of them – one for each dd.

I’m glad you got it at a good price. I was trying to help someone find the pattern a couple weeks ago and Amazon’s cheapest was over $40!

I got the book yesterday, and it is amazing! I can see why some people make Excel spreadsheets to keep up with their progress. My book is the 5th printing, and I think that all corrections have been incorporated into the patterns. I am still checking this out, though. Just have to buy the yarn, and then I will get started and join the KAL’s.

A 72 year old widow in my knitting guild met a 72 year old widower who was teaching a class she was taking at the college here. They fell in love and got married … we each made a square and gave them the afghan at a knitting themed party/ shower :slight_smile: One of the ladies put it together and put an amazing border on it.
I made the fish square and LEARNED SO MUCH ! I had never done cables and even though it was one of the harder choices, I LOVED the fish. See my notes and charts and color coded hen scratching!
This pix is before it is completely put together … I can’t seem to find the party pictures right now … but the theme of the party was “Knit Two Together” :slight_smile:

I love that shower theme! I’m sure they will cheris the afghan as they cherish each other. :aww:

That is such a great story!

If anyone sees the book (or wants to sell it to me) for a good price let me know. I love this afghan but cannot see spending over $40 for the pattern. I saw one yesterday for $125. I mean that is just ridiculous!

Debbie that is such a sweet story!

Did you try Here’s the link for the book at $12.95:

I got my copy for $12.95 + postage through Amazon. It came from Decherd Needleworks in Tennessee, in record time. I have since looked up their webpage and it is:
I’m sure you can order it directly from them. I have decided to use Lion Wool-ease yarn. I bought just 6 balls to start with, and have decided to knit the Barbara McIntire square first.

I just ordered the book from the above stitchesmarket link…I think it ended up at about $15.50 with shipping… that was easy and the least expensive place I have seen. They also have a yarn kit if you want to take a quick way out

They have this pattern in paperback at for 12.95 and 11.89 for used plus S&H. Give a look there. I just checked it and that was there today. I got mine here used and the book is like brand new.

You should be able to order the book online here for $12.95 + s/h:
or try The Web·sters in Ashland, OR

Or if you want, you can try calling one of these stores in MI to see if they have it in stock/available for purchase - I think most of them have an 800 number to call toll-free:
Threadbear Fibre Arts in Lansing, MI
City Knitting in Grand Rapids, MI
Clever Ewe in Ada, MI
Rae’s Yarn Boutique in Lansing, MI

HTH! :knitting:

OK! OK! I can’t take it anymore!! I just ordered it!

Seriously, I can’t wait for it to get here! I’m going on vacation the week of June 23rd and decided to that I could work on a square or two then. I like the thought of a particular square reminding me of a vacation. Who knows, the way I sometimes knit it could remind me of vacations for years to come, LOL.

Wow! Thanks for all the links I honestly couldn’t find any that cheaply when I googled. Weird! I just ordered from Stitches Market. :woot:
I can’t wait to get started!!

It’s probably already been mentioned but since there are new people getting started I thought I would share a couple helpful hints again:

  1. Photocopy the charts and color code whenever possible. That preparation makes it so much easier & faster to knit. Some people have had their pattern books spiral bound or lamenated. I haven’t had the needs yet but it sounds like a good way to keep the book in good shape.
  2. Use sitcky notes to keep place of where you are on each chart. The Knit Picks chart keeper is a big help for me too.
  3. You’ll need a way to keep track of rows on multiple charts. The Knit Picks fancy row counter is awesome since it does 3 at a time.
  4. Make sure you have enough yarn if you’re going to knit the cabled border. We’ve heard that it uses a ton of yarn. There are other variations out there for borders that use less yarn just in case.
    Feel free to join the KAL or the Ravelry group as well!

YW! I’m glad it helped.

You might want to take a look at my page here where I started gathering info about the GAAA book along with the others. I’ve also been adding helpful hints and suggestions about making the afghan as I find them (and/or think of them). I also have an Excel spreadsheet that I made to use as an index for the GAAA afghan book & you can use it to keep track of your progress of the squares - it may also come in handy if/when shopping for the right size(s) of knitting needles. You can dl the spreadsheet as an .xls file if you have Excel or you can get a pic of the page (.jpg file) to use if you don’t have Excel.

HTH! :knitting:

I downloaded the spreadsheet, and it has saved me so much time. Thanks so much. My first square is Barbara McIntire’s, and it is quite easy – but looks so complicated. I am using charts for the very first time, and find it so much easier than the written words.