The Great American Afghan

for the past year I have been working on the Great American Afghan and need help on the block on page 37. Has anyone knitted this?? Stuck on instructions for row 17. All help appreciated. Thanks, Anne

Maybe if you typed in the instructions someone could interpret?

I’m assuming you mean the Great American[I] Aran [/I]Afghan? There is a Great American Afghan, but the pages aren’t even numbered.

I haven’t made this, but I have the book.

What specifically are you having trouble with?

Thanks for your response to my question. I am knittng the Great American Afghan and I Chose to knit the block on page 37. My problem is after row 16. The instructions say: Begin Chart C: Next row (RS) work 19 sts in pat, work Chart C over 30 sts. My question is: Do the 19 sts begin at the beginning of the row?? or do they start at chart A?? the first pattern of sts.?? My stiches don’t line up correctly. What am I doing wrong?. I hope I have made this clear. to understand. Thanks for your help.


Work 3 stitches, then 6 of chart A, the first 10 stitches of chart B, then resume with chart C.

:knitting: Thank you so much for your help!! Now I can continue my afghan. I love knitters!