The great american afghan square 15

Hello, I started this afghan years ago. Now I am sitting recovering from 2 knee replacements, I would like to finish the afghan. In square 15, I can’t make the increases in the clover leaf and branch cable patterns make sense. I dont know when to increase. Can anyone work me through the pattern, stitch by stitch? (yes, I know I have a graph, but it still doesnt seem logical to me).


Can you post a couple of rows that deal with the increase? That way more people can help you who don’t have the pattern.

I have the pattern here, and I believe that you only increase when you’re first starting the chart.

The clover leave section requires 7 stitches, but you only have 6 for it. I’d purl front/back in the first stitch of that section and call it the first two purled stitches for the first row. After that, you’ll have enough stitches.

The cable section has 7 stitches but needs 9. Knit f/b of the first and last stitch of that section to set up the cable section.

Repeat the clover leave increases as above, and you should be good to go for the rest of the chart.