The Good, the BAD and the Ugly: silver sock ques

O.k. so I’m doing my first sock by Silver’s tutorial on DPN’s as she suggested.

My first clue that there was something wrong was when I got to Step 5. The problem was that when I began work on Needle 1 after slipping my stitches to redistribute them to the 3 needles, she sais row 1 was the right side. I looked at my work and it didn’t look like I was knitting on the right side. I couldn’t see where I could have gone wrong though, so I just kept on going.

Well, I have this perfect little heel now - FACING THE WRONG WAY!!! AAAAAAACCCCCKKK!

The good news was, the heel was really easy - (What’s all the fuss about?) Maybe I didn’t get to the hardest part yet?

Anyway, so can anyone tell me what I did wrong? Did I slip the stitches wrong or somthing? I mean, I just don’t get it. I couldn’t see any other way to work on the other side of it at that point, given the location of the working yarn, there was only one way to go.

Would it help at all to post a picture? I don’t know if you can guess what I did wrong just by my explanation (like is there something obvious here that I don’t know because it was only my first pair?). Was I supposed to turn the work before starting row 1 somehow?

Man, this is gonna drive me nuts now. Frogging or starting over from scratch won’t do me any good if I can’t figure out where I screwed up. I’m not frustrated, I just want to figure it out so I can do it right because I’m really thinking I can do this!

Thanks for reading my rambling.

I really don’t know what happened. I know how to knit socks because I read the tute so much, but I have never knit one. :aww: Now, let’s pretend I didn’t say that…

You mean the sock is turning out inside out? If the purl bumps are on the outside the the knits are on the inside of the tube, you’ve probably been knitting on the wrong side of the needles. If you picture the DPNs or circulars for that matter as a circle, the working thread should be closest to you. Is it on the far side of the circle?

i dont know, but probably

So, if I was working on the wrong side of the needles, can I work on the right side only from the start of the heel flap or do it have to start over from the cuff? I’m so confused. I’ve frogged down to where I redistributed the stitches and I’m looking at this trying to figure out how I get the knit row on the right side instead of the wrong side.


I just turned the tube inside out while still on the needles. Ribbing is reversable, no? So now I’m ready to knit on the right side. Will this work?

Yes, exactly, just flip the tube so the outside is now out. As you knit the leg, just be sure that you are knitting with the needles closest to you - someone here said it a great way - if your needles were the rim of a cup, you knit on the side that you would drink from. also, your knitting should be coming TOWARD you, through the needles, as you knit. If you find you get started backwards again, just flip and keep going, and of course, make sure outside is out before you do your next heel :smiley:

o.k. i’m back oin track now and glad I ripped because I was slipping stitches w/ yarn in front and i don’t think that was right, so this looks better anyway.

The cup thing works for me! I think I started off on the wrong side w/ the ribbing. I’ve never used dpn’s or knitted in the round before so I didn’t know. I’ve only gone back and forth on circs.

Thanks for your help! Next time I’ll start out on the right side. Thank goodness though it was a ribbed cuff, if it wasn’t reversable I’d have had to start all over, what a drag. Well, I guess I could have done one of the fixes that they lady above suggested (sorry, I am not in quick reply so i can’t refer to your name) to get back to the right side of the work.

O.k., when I get a chance I’ll post up another progress picture. I know the next major challenge is going to be picking up stitches to continue after the heel is rounded, I’ve never done that before.

Wish me luck!


One thing I thought of when reading your initial post (at 2am :p) was that if the next set of instructions said you should be at a right side row (before you started the heel flap) and you weren’t, I’d have just done another row to compensate.

However, I’m glad you’ve got it figured out now.

Yes, that would have fixed the problem too, but at the time, a. I didn’t think of that (it was late! LOL) and b. I would have been too chicken that it would mess something up because I didn’t really even know what this was shaping up to look like since I’ve never done them before. Now though, I’ll know better for next time, but hopefully this won’t happen again now that I know how to knit on the right side on the dpn’s.

BTW, the video’s here and the help has been invaluable. The first time I started to try to learn to knit I had no help (Hadn’t found this place yet) and all my stitches were twisted because the site I learned from had bad instructions (the guy even SAID people had written to tell him the instructions produced twisted stitches and he said it didn’t matter!!! Dope!!!) and every time I made a mistake I frogged because I had no idea how to fix it.

Now, since watching the video’s here, I’m just fixing mistakes left and right, and so very glad not to be ripping and re-starting!!! I really think I could get the hang of this and become a reasonably competant knitter (but I won’t be doing any fisherman sweaters anytime soon, LOL! - you know the ones with the intricate designs on them?)

My ultimate goal would be to knit matching sweaters for my sons, but I’m intidmidated by the armholes, increases, decreases, etc. So I thought I’d try socks first and go from there.