The Gauge

In order to keep myself from buying new yarn every time I knit something, I need to know how to alter things to be able to use what I have; and I have plenty.

I am making a swatch with a bulky yarn that I plan to use with a pattern that calls for medium worsted.

Maybe you can direct [I][B]me to a link for learning how to do this[/B][/I]. So far, I am getting 21 stitches to 4 inches, while the pattern yarn gets 18. I am assuming I have to get my swatch to a perfect square and count my rows, too. My question is, then what?


I think you might need one size needle up from what you are youing, If using an 8 go up to a 9 for example and try the swatch with that needle. I was doing a sweater with the needles suggested by the yarn band and I had to drop down one needle size to get gauge.

What yarn and needle size are you using? I’m surprised that you can get 21sts/4inches with a bulky. Usually bulky knits at about 12-15sts/4inches. Do you like the feel of the gauge swatch (not too stiff) and are you measuring over the middle 4 inches of the swatch?
What pattern are you looking at?

Somehow I got that gauge wrong…glad you saw that. With Softee Chunky, it’s more like 16 when I do it, even though the label says 15.

I am going to be using Bernat Softee Chunky. Needle size 10;
15.0 sts = 4 inches - 20 rows = 4"

Pattern is using Loops & Threads Impeccable. Needle size 8;
18 sts - 24 rows = 4" (10 cm)

I need practice with circulars, so I’m going to try it. What do I have to change to have this come out the right size?


BTW I did use # 9 needle for this swatch.

Cute hat! I don’t want to rain on your parade here, but by using a different weight yarn it will affect the hat size. Likely it will come out a little bigger. Are you comfortable and willing to alter the pattern a bit?

Changing the needle size won’t help keep it the same size?
What kind of altering do you mean? After that rough time with the ear flap cap, I’m not feeling too daring. lol :slight_smile:

:roll: Okay, I’ll tell you a secret. :roll:

I actually have that Impeccable yarn in stash, but I wanted so bad to use my Softee Chunky next.

So…I’m going to go ahead and use the Impeccable and everything will be okay.

I guess I’ll think of something else for the Chunky by Fall. I am so limited in patterns I can do.

Let’s all relax and I’ll see if I can make this hat!
Thank you. Thank you.

Technically it should help and it may, but it is a risk. I rarely use the yarn called for in a pattern, but if I stick to the weight and gauge it’s always been fine. My concern with you trying to make gauge with bulky was that the fabric you get may be stiff which is of course harder to knit and less pleasant or stretching to wear.

As for altering…I meant casting on less. Bulky is heavier so the hat would be larger.

:thumbsup: If you tell us what you might like to make we can maybe find some easier patterns for the bulky.

Great! This new hat will take me awhile to do but I’m always on the lookout for patterns for my yarns and my level.

I have lots of Bernat Softee Chunky in several colors so I’m definitely going to be looking for that one in a hat, cowl, purse, mostly. I have to wait a few days to start the ear flap hat because it calls for circular size 7 - 24 in needles and I don’t have that size. So I ordered them today on line. Even our Michael’s didn’t have that size. :frowning:



How do you keep finding patterns that aren’t on Ravelry? :lol:

Jan, I rarely ever go to Ravelry. I have bookmarked lots of free knitting patterns websites. Have you ever seen this one?

They have everything.

Yes, that’s the website I started with when I learned to knit. Ravelry wasn’t even around then. Now I prefer Ravelry because you can look at other peoples projects, see what size needles they used, what yarn and often whether there is errata. When someone posts a pattern with an issue that’s the first place I go to see what’s what.

Knitting pattern central is a good site, just not quite as valuable when you have a problem. Of course I haven’t been there for years so…it could be different.