The Frog Prince - a reversible toy with pattern

I have finally taken pics of my Frog Prince. Here he is:

I hope you like him and I did not write the pattern in vain!

Here is the pattern:


He’s very cute!

Hi Jan!

thank you. Now I made it to put the pattern online. The link is in the first posting - and on Ravelry.

I hope it finds makers :slight_smile:

I love your frog prince! I would say that every woman needs one - especially if he turns into a little maid sometimes, to do the cleaning up (preferably while you sleep)…hehe


So cute ! Hi Ingrid … long time, no see !!!

Thanks, girls!
Have not made the clean-up-squad yet, but I think everyone should come up with their own variations :slight_smile:
This is a really quick knit with great effect and I can’t wait to send one to my niece for all the story telling.

I am thinking of doing a pig and a wolf in one shape, too.
And a snow man and Santa Clause.
And a wale and nemo.

Oh, I think I have more ideas than time :wink:

Just adorable! Love to see your other ideas come to life!

Oh, I have many more.

Superman and Clark
a man and a bat (I just really want to make a bat!)
a bumble bee - just to turn into something else.

a pig and a bear, just for the purpose of it.