"The Friday Night Knitting Club"

Hi all,

I’ve been checking out the forum but been too busy to post anything and have been doing very little knitting.

I just must say that I’m reading this book by Kate Jacobs (from my library) and I’m really enjoying it.

Want to share your views on it? But don’t spill the beans!

Any other novels about knitting that I should read?

:muah: to everyone.


I haven’t read these yet, but want to. Debbie Macomber has a series out (Shop on Blossom Street) that are pretty good. Maggie Sefton is another one but I haven’t read hers yet either.

I read it a while ago and thought it was pretty good. I saw a sequel in the book store over Christmas but didn’t get it. I think they’re making a movie of the first one!

I thought it was fabulous. My sister enjoyed the sequel, but I haven’t read it yet.

I enjoyed it also. I look forward to the movie.

I have read all The “Blossom Street” books. Have just finished “Twenty Wishes”. Not so much about knitting in that one. They are very easy reading compared to the historical novels I read.

I have just picked up “The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society” from the library but I haven’t stared it yet.

Only tip I can give is to buy Kleenex and put it near you when you get close to the end of the book! I really enjoyed the book though. Great read!

I read Drunk, Divorced, & Covered in Cat Hair, by Crazy Aunt Perl, last year. Very funny; it had me laughing out loud.

the first one i liked until the end…

The second one (finished reading it a couple of days ago, got it from the library) enh… it’s a bit more disjointed and not so much about the knitting.

The one I liked (box of tissues needed) was The Knitting Circle.

And i also LOVED the Shop on Blossom Street series.

Good book, but very sad. The Blossom Street books are amazing, after reading them this summer I taught myself to knit. IF it wasn’t for those books I would have never started my wonderful new hobby.