''The flower ballad poncho'' is ready!

I named it ,flower ballad’’.


oh that is beautiful. Love the color. Good job

Wow that is just beautiful!


That is really pretty, Lima. I like the color and the length is just right for you. Your lace is stunning.

It’s so pretty! Congrats. You’re pretty as well.

That is beautiful!!!

Wow! Incredible!!!

:inlove: very pretty!!

As usual, another gorgeous piece! Lovely color!!!

Very very pretty! Thanks for sharing.

Lima, I always look forward to your FO’s, and this one is just drop-dead gorgeous! You do the most wonderful work. :yay:

Great job!:thumbsup:

very pretty – I like the idea of a lacey poncho. I am always thinking of knitting shawls but I worry they won’t stay on well and will be impractical. This is a very beautiful option.

…very much!!!:muah: :inlove: :cheering: :heart: