The fishies

OK… So a friend suggested I try the fish afghan. She and I searched and weren’t able to find a pattern at the time. I continued to search and finally came up with the pattern.

The problem I’m having comes toward the end of the “change” (decrease/fin area) I’m ending up with the wrong number of stiches according to the pattern and I have tried to follow the pattern uber closely.

I’m still a very new knitter (just a couple weeks) and enjoy it very much. I’ve been “adapting” the pattern for those issues, but I can’t ever remember what exactly I did… If anyone else has used the pattern, could they let me know if they had the same problem? and if so, what did you do?

Oh, for a “project update” I have done about 7 1/2 fish. I’m using BIG needles and “average” yarn I guess. It’s like all “Red Heart Super Saver” stuff since that’s what I have being that it’s cheap usually.

I haven’t done that pattern, but its super cute. If all your fish turn out the same, maybe you don’t need to worry if they’re a little off?

There may be a problem with the pattern, not your knitting. You may want to see this thread.

FYI I also became a bit obsessed with finding the ultimate fish pattern. Looked everywhere for the Knitter’s magazine back issue, searched the internet, etc. I finally wrote Knitter’s requesting a least a reprint in an upcoming issue, and they said they would be publishing the pattern again in Babies & Toddlers: A Knitter’s Dozen due out later this year. (Amazon has it listed for March 2007-I’m not sure which is right). Maybe by then I’ll have a plan on what type of yarn, color scheme, etc for making 50 plus fish!

Yeah, I looked there and tried what they said and I guess I just don’t understand it 'cause it still ended up wrong for me. So I’ve just continued to do whatever it is that I’ve been doing (I always know what to do when I get to that point on the pattern. I color coded the printout of my pattern so I always know when I get to “That green row” that things get weird… Sometime I should just write down what it is that I do there.

Awesome. Maybe I’ll have to check it out for curiosity’s sake, though I hope to be finished long before then!!

Right now I have probably around 20 fish finished… Using size 11 needles.

thanks for the response!