The first ever 2 month old first grader

I know that back before June so many of you were waiting with me for my new grandson to be born. Well, he will be 2 months old on Friday and his daddy just sent me some new pictures of him. I am making him a 24 month sweater and hat for Christmas thinking it could fit him next fall. They live in Northwest Indiana. Well, as you can see, he is already well on his way towards the 24 months! The shoes (size TWO!)he has on were bought by us as a shower gift with a whole outfit and all were 9 months and those I thought would fit him in the spring. Anyhow, thought you would like to look at my little “first grader.” He is approximately 20 lbs and 30 inches long!!!

He is so cute!!! What a big boy!! He really does look like a first grader lol!

Awwww- what a handsome little man! I just want to give him a good squeeeeeze.

:passedout: My girls weren’t 20 lbs till they were around a year old! Are his parents tall?? He is absolutely adorable!!

His daddy weighed 9 1/2 lbs at birth and was 24 inches long. He is now 34 years old and is 6’5" and weighs about 235 and is a black belt in Jujitsu. His mom is probably 5’8" and is a good sized lady, not fat just a bigger gal so yes, he comes by it naturally.

What a cutie!! I just love seeing big, healthy babies!!

He’s gorgeous and yes, going to be a tall one I think. Watch out NBA. :woohoo:

:shock: My FOUR year olds are only 38 inches! :shock: He’ll have lapped them by the time he’s two!

What a cutie! My kids were both like that when they were babies. My daughter was always in the 90th percentile for height and weight - not fat just tall and solid. My son though outgrew the baby weight growth and is little. Tall but thin thin…he’s 7 and still wears size 5T shorts! Thank God for the new adjustible waist bands because he needs a size 7 for length but a size 4/5 for his waist. LOL

What a cutie, he looks like a 9 month old!

My almost 3-year-old DD is only 25 lbs and 35 inches.


What a cutie! He’s a big boy, my niece is 9 months old and weighs 6lbs less, but she’s a little on the small side for her age the dr. says. He looks like a little man, so adorable!

Such a cute child, Though the sizes you gave for him remind me of my 2nd cousin, Erykah, she’s 2 and nearly 39" tall.