The finished product

This is the finished product. Names from upper right to upper left…Dave, Sue, David, Michelle, and Umesh.

Wreath is now bare as they took their hats home with them on Christmas Eve. :cry:


Aw, so cute! I hope you had great holidays and thanks for sharing!

What a beautiful wreath! But how sad that it’s empty now. I guess that means you’ll have to add more hats next year?

At any rate, it’s a neat idea and nicely done!

That came out absolutely adorable! :cheering: Are individual teensy mittens on the slate for next year? Or maybe tiny stockings???

What a lovely project! It looks wonderful in the picture but I’ll bet the wreath does look bare now. Time to plan for next year? Thanks so much for the photo of the completed wreath in all its glory.

Love it! :hug:

My original idea was stockings…had trouble working out the panel for names. May still have to go with working the names last rather than first. If I use a provisional cast on I can pick up the white stitches after the stocking is done but will have to work the names upside down, i.e., from top to bottom. Got to think about it some more…which is why I went with the hats for this year. :think:


Maybe initials on the leg of stockings would work. I’m thinking the Davids are a father-son duo; big D for dad, fancy little d for son. Just a though from my fevered brain! :slight_smile: If you go with hats again, Elf hats in green would be precious!

Thanks! I’ll keep this in mind, but I think I’m going to do a toe-up stocking and that will allow me to do the names from bottom to top…why didn’t I think of this before???

The two Davids: Dave is our son-in-law (married to Sue) and David is our son.


too adorable for words! :heart:

Adorable work!!! :heart:

Great idea! :woot: Wish I had thought of that.<desperately in need of a V8 moment!> LOL

They’ll be awesome!