The fastest knitters?

I’m just curious, who are some of the fastest well-known knitters? I would love to watch them on YouTube! I watch Knitting Daily sometimes and am in awe of Eunny just chuggin’ along. Amazing! I’m sure many of you are smokin’, too.:hug:

Just search youtube for ‘fastest knitter’ and they should come up. There’s a few.

I love it when Eunny Jang knits quickly to get to the end of the row. Lily Chin also speeds along.

The fastest:

Every time I see that video, my jaw drops!:notworthy:

Wow to that youtube clip! :shock:

What “tips” are on this video? It didn’t have any sound, Tegels didn’t say anything–her lips didn’t move. There is no slowdown, “here’s what to do” demo.

“Sharing tips,” my hind foot.


The youtube videos of fastish knitting that I am always fascinated to watch are those that demonstrate knitting methods that I don’t usually see or read about.

I hope to try them sometime even if they don’t end up increasing my speed because I think that if I could get the hang of it I could switch back and forth between my usual continental and something else if my hands get tired or something.

Here are a few I find myself looking up from time to time to gawk:

[li]Peruvian Knitting
[/li][li]Yarn Harlot Knitting
[/li][li]Knitting in the Portuguese Style

I have only tried the around the neck alternative, but did not master it enough to pick up speed, though on a purl row I could do it [I]as[/I] fast as my normal continental speed.

Watching speedy knitters though reminds me that I am new enough to knitting that it is my brain that needs to speed up and not my fingers. I can type at 60+wpm so I know my fingers work, but I still have to pay attention to any stitch pattern that is more complicated than stockinette. Even when knitting 1x1 rib I find I have to tink a bit here and there if I let my mind wander. I know that will improve with more practice.

What’s the hurry? Knitting is something which should be enjoyed, savored. Would you gulp down a chocolate bar?

Some people get frustrated by not getting even a small item done in less than a few weeks. They may also find another method that works more efficiently for them.

If you’re talking about the video I linked to, it does have sound and it does have tips. Is your audio working correctly?

Guilty! :blush:

I hand knit for enjoyment, not for production. When I have to have something fast, I turn to my knitting machine. Working lace patterns manually on a machine is pretty quick, and makes beautiful baby blankets( the typical need it fast gift). Large blankets can be knit in columns and seamed as you go. This heresy makes me very happy.:aww:

When I try to “time” my knitting…I do worse than ever! :wall:

I don’t fast.

I knit accurately.

I knit consistently.

A lot can be [U]accomplished[/U] when you don’t have to frog, tink, or otherwise do ‘damage control’.

FAST??? Who me??? Not at all. Not even close. :thumbsup: