The excuse I have been waiting for!

My hubby sent me this link this morning, it’s the best excuse to eat choclate that I’ve ever had! And the hubby has said we can go out and get a nice stash in for me! :woohoo:

Now that’s a ‘medicine’ I wouldn’t mind taking! I hope it works for you! It’ll be fun trying it anyway :slight_smile:

That’s great news! I’ve always been eating only dark chocolate, but i guess the quantities were not sufficient going to the kitchen to take a bite :roflhard:

[COLOR=Lime]Pigs in Space -[/COLOR] [COLOR=Lime]it just ain’t fair!!! :mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:[/COLOR]

Wonder if Thornton’s do diabetic???

Who knows? If they don’t do bars, they must do boxes of chocs. Wonder if I could get an extra-early Christmas present?

Yours, living in hope

:happydance:I wouldn’t mind taken that medicine either!! :teehee:

Well, it worked for the Harry Potter universe :slight_smile:

Glad you found something that works and I hope you’re feeling better!! hug

That’s my kind of medicine!! :rofl:

I say start eating!!:cheering:

I saw this this morning, I have ME - I picked up some chocolate today to see if it works any. No weirder than everything else I’ve tried to get relieve the intense pain I’m in all the time, and if it works, it’ll make the cocktail of 13 drugs I have to down every night for this condition go down a little easier, hopefully.

Isn’t that a great article? I have fibro which isn’t quite the same as CFS, but I’m glad to have the excuse to eat more chocolate. I love the good dark chocolates. mmmmmmm.