The end of my glove!

I am very sorry to say that this is the end of my glove! What happened was, when I put the yarn needle through the 7 stitches and pulled tight, I actually pulled too tight and the yarn broke. This wasn’t too bad, because I could still tie it together with a knot. However, after I did so, I found that when I put the yarn needle through the 7 stitches, some of the stitches were so tight that I didn’t actually manage to put the needle through them. I could see there was a gaping hole in the tip of my thumb. Oh, well. The good news is that I have enough yarn to start it all over again.

I was wondering, if anyone out there could suggest or point me towards a knitting project suitable for my level. I think I’m either intermediate or advanced beginner. I’m looking for something useful, something not too hard but not too easy that it’s boring.

Please don’t refer me to a scarf. I have knitted many scarfs in my life and I’m all scarf-knitted out! I have even made a 2 x 2 rib scarf. I’ve had my fair share of scarfs and I don’t want to knit any more scarfs!

If anyone could suggest or point me out for my next project, that would be great!

Thanks very much in advance!


How about fingerless gloves? Far easier than dealing with individual fingers and thumbs. I did a quick search of Ravelry (free to join if you’re not already a member and well worth it) and came up with over 6,000 free patterns just for fingerless gloves. Ravelry’s advanced pattern search is a wonder!
Or just browse the advanced search options in Ravelry and see what catches your fancy.

Another thought - perhaps a simple cardigan? Knitting Pure and Simple patterns are just what they say, simple enough to not be boring but not too difficult for a first cardigan. Trying to think of what I knit when I got bored with scarves.

The simple cardigan idea sounds great! I’ll check it out. Thanks!