"The Elizabeth"- A Wedding Dress

Wasn’t sure where it would be best to post this. Move it elsewhere if you’d like to. (Lounge?) Anyway, I took a break from knitting today and decided to go to my computer. So what do I start searching for…? KNITTING STUFF OF COURSE!:teehee: Came across this dress and had to pause and take a second look. Thought I’d share it. Jeanie


Now that is just strange! :roflhard:

Wow. Impressive someone actually took the time to create that, especially considering how darn ugly it is.

Hey, I’m all for innovation, however, when does the knitting begin?
Draping skeins of yarn in the hope that someone will be willing to sacrifice their body to hold it up is a long way from knitting.

I guess if the word “couture” appears that makes it a very expensive, one of a kind garment. I sure hope this design is the only one of its kind!

I can just see the social item in the newspaper: ‘the bride wore yarn!’ She was stunning. The groom was just stunned! Oy!

. . . and, Jeanie, just for you - an addendum. It’s been reported that later, that bride and groom became completely unraveled!!!

Oh, how could I resist? Jean

Okay Jean, now you’ve got me on the floor laughing. Unraveled bride and groom…:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:

Hey, did you ever consider there might be yet a KNIT dress under all those loops of yarn?:hot: :thud:

I don’t know, sweetie, but I’ll bet the groom hoped NOT!
You really should have put this in THE LOUNGE.

I think it could be called “Fiber Arts”, eh? :wink:

Well, it IS different. :shrug:

Bizarre. :zombie:

Art Lady, Yours is certainly a fair assumption. Fiber Art is as good a name as any and I’m sure the artist was sincere in her approach and “ravelation” of a new form.

I’m sure she’s making a whole lot more money with her art than I.

Forgive me when I say this dress could only be for another “lady” - Lady Gaga . . . and
I think I know where the designer got her inspiration. I’m trying to send a pic that illustrates my opinion. I suppose it may not work, looks like it’s not - look up Komondor. It’s a breed of dog that has a coat like dred locks. It really reminds me of this dress. If somebody can get a good picture, by all means post it then any one is free to debunk my opinion.

I think I can pm a pic to you. I’ll try. Jean

I suppose much worse has been done in the name of fashion.

Jeanie, I can’t believe you wouldn’t do a search for a breed of dog called a Komondor! I can’t seem to post pictures . . . so sue me.
If you get a really good picture of a white one you’ll see why I think this animal was the inspiration for ‘The Elizabeth Dress’.

I’d love it if you’d post a picture. Jean

Jean! I thought YOU would do the research! I waited, and waited and waited…

Okay how about these pictures?? I see what you mean.:yay: :chair:


Jeanie, That’s a plethora of picture examples of my opinion. Are you a show-off? I send pictures all the time to other email addresses but I’m too lame to send them to this forum.

This animal may have inspired mop heads, mostaciolli rigate, who knows what else? Stand one up on it’s hind legs and put it next to the dress model . . . That’s entertainment!!!

Looks like a cross between a haystack and shredded wheat biscuits to me. :zombie:

I know art appreciation is in the eye of the beholder, but this beholder is having a hard time seeing it outside of the skill it took to get all of those loops the same size. Better her than me…:wink:

I think I finally got it. Someone simply gave up untangling the yarn and stuck it all together and said, "There. I’m done."
Haystack and Shredded Wheat and that dust mop dog…maybe it’s camouflaging the dog? Somehow it makes me think of the Wicker Man.


I think I’m going to play a joke on my DD and put the dress on my FB page announcing that I found the perfect wedding dress for when she marries, and I have to start knitting now…

That ought to be good for a chuckle!:mrgreen:

This I want to see. Wouldn’t it be great if you could see her face when she sees it?
:shock: :passedout:

April 1st is coming. :roflhard:

April Fool’s has come and gone in my neck of the woods. LOL It generated a stink load of replies on FB. DD’s unqualified answer is “aw, <bleep> no!” :teehee: