The Elegant Loops Purse - Help

Hi Crocheters ^^

I wanna do the ^ [B]Elegant Loops Purse[/B] ( Pattern from
Crochet! Celebrate the Season Magazine ) for my mamma’s birthday,

but I stuck in the second row of the SIDE , I couldn’t understand it , please explain it in details

the special stitch :

and in the STRAP ( what does the opposite side of chain mean ?)

Thank you so much

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Okay, I think I can help straighten you out.

At the end of Row 1 it had you chain one in order to turn and start Row 2 (just about all patterns do this). Normally that ch stitch would be used as the first stitch of the row, but this time instead you are going to rotate your piece to “turn” it so that the part that was facing you is now facing away. Then your special stitch begins. When you have turned your piece so that what was the front of Row 1 is away from you the lower part of the loop at the top of your stitches has now become your “back loop”. So what you will do is you will put your hook into the loop closest to you, pull up a loop (just like doing a single crochet), but instead of finishing the single, you will put your hook into the loop on the far side of that same stitch, and finish the instructions of your special stitch.

(an attempt at a visual aide: Row 1 when facing you are shaped like this: <) when you turn it those become (> with what is shown here as the lower leg actually being the top of that stitch. So when doing your special stitch you will go in through first the closer part of the > portion of the stitch and then the further or “Back” loop of the stitch.)

Hopefully that helped. This is a fairly visual thing to me, so you might be able to search YouTube for videos of stitching in the back loop.


Ahaaaaaaa Thank you soooo much <3 , I understand that part , but what about the strap ? what does it mean with ( working on opposite side of chain ?


HERE’s a video that shows working in the opposite side of the chain, only on a bigger piece. But the concept is the same. Once you see it, you’ll get it! It’s in the first video on that linked post and you should only have to watch the first 3 minutes or so to see what you need to do.

I hope this helps!