The edges of my scarf

I’m now knitting my third project. This one is my second scarf.
The first scarf I made was completely rib stitched, but I’m garter stitching this one (which I think is more appropriate for a scarf). My one problem is the edges\sides area is really uneven and wonky. The inner part looks fine though. What am I doing wrong?:shrug:

It probably just has to do with the tension you are putting on the yarn when you are doing the first stitch. It takes a good amount of practice to learn how to make that first stitch look even.

There is a really nice way that you can just slip the first stitch purlwise instead of knitting it that gives a nice edge.

Here is a simple how to.

just all garder stitch does not form a pretty edge.
You have various options.

you can do as trvvn5 said.
You can purl the last stitch (or the first one) of every row.
you can lift the 1st stitch off with wrapping the yarn around…

the problem of a “regual” first stitch is that you knit the same stitch tiwce in a row. so there is more string flexibility and often one of the stitches (usually the bottom one), gets contorted and pulled up.

I personally prefer the “purl the last stitch” method. Nice egde and you can not forget which is your last stitch.

enjoy your project!

I don’t care to slip the edge stitch, it makes them looser and messier than just working it. What you can do to neaten them up is knit the first st, then pull the yarn a bit and knit the next couple sts a wee bit tighter. This gives a really nice, even edge to things. You can do this for stockinette or any st too; pull the yarn [I]after[/I] you work the first st, not as you work it.

This is generally waht I do as well with mine. I don’t bother to fix the tension on it until after I’ve knit the stitch.

I used to hate garter stitch just for the uneven edges… I have grown to see it’s decorative used in cabling and lace structures.