The Economy Is Crimping My Knitting

Oh, yeah, knitting under the influence has to be interesting! It’ll keep you from drunk dialing, too.

sgtpam-LOL! I actually rarely find such good deals, usually they charge a LOT more, for one, and for two, it’s often something I wouldn’t want to add to my stash. So this was a really lucky find.

I agree with Sue-it does go in cycles. You just have to be persistent~eventually it will pay off!


I can sympathize with you about this.:verysad: As I told you once before my husband is a transportation broker & owner of the company so my yarn buying has gone to nothing since earlier this year. It SUCKS!!! Pardon my french please. I am going to have to go into the stash & finally do all those projects I have bought for. I will admit that I am addicted to yarn but I swear that it just jumps in my basket & I have no idea how it got there but buying it anyway when I get to the registar. :teehee:

I will tell you though things are picking up for us so I hope & pray they will for you too soon. I saw diesel for under $3 a gal just yesterday here in the ATL area. You ever on the west side I’ll let you go through my stash! :thumbsup:

Yep…in the same boat, Mason.

I lost my part-time job at the law firm. My last day was Halloween. I’ve been fortunate that I’m picking up subbing jobs, but the hourly pay is less than half of what I was making before, so we’re really cutting back. That includes yarn.

I trust that the economy will pick up one of these years. :wink:

Too bad we can’t buy stock in the yarn companies. There will be a surge in buying as soon as everything gets better. :rofl:

Not buying yarn is so drastic. Can’t you folks do without electricity or something instead? Prioritize, people!

Have you considered getting a little side-job to fall back on during the slow freight times?

I know right now I’m unemployed and while my husband is able to keep us afloat on the bare necesities, it’s driving me crazy that I can’t find employment (military base overseas). I’ve had a couple of job interviews, but their paperwork takes a lot of time and I’ve been told to expect an answer sometime in the next 2-3 weeks.

So I’ve been mussing on things I could do to earn a few bucks until I can get a job.

Anyway…just a…rambled up thought.
Good luck on the ugly sweater!!

Yeah, I’m telling all of my family I want gift certificates for my LYS for Christmas! :teehee:

Have you considered getting a little side-job to fall back on during the slow freight times?

Actually I do have a side business. I do some computer work for a few businesses and private people. Repairs, upgrades, network consulting, etc. Even that’s been dead.


If all else fails, Mason you could also just knit with your stash for charity projects. It’s fun to at least keep knitting.


I know what you mean. I have worked at my job since 1995. Now the owner is filing bankruptcy and we’re going out of business. There are hardly any jobs available right now. My last day is Wednesday or Friday- whenever we can get all of the accounts transferred.

Luckily I have known since September- so I have built up a little more savings and gotten some on sale yarn to build up the stash. I will have to be knitting from it for quite some time I imagine.

Times really are tough for a lot of people right now. I am trying not to worry about it though- it always gets better.

Hang in there.

Jan in CA has the right idea. i am blessed to work with a charity (Threads of Love) that sews, knits and crochets for premature babies. we get lots of yarn donations, & so as long as i want to knit bootees, hats and ‘kangaroo blankets’ (these are used when parents hold their tiny babies skin to skin for special bonding) i am in a good place. Threads of Love is a national organization with chapters all over the states. might be worth checking into-- not just for your knitting ‘fix’, but it does a lot to help the little ones and their families. linknit 41

I feel your pain Mason. Other than my splurge in Toronto last month, I haven’t really gotten any yarn. A couple of weeks ago, my company let about 50 people go. They took away our quarterly bonuses, are no longer matching our 401K contributions, and everyone had to take a pay cut. While that really stinks, at least I still have my job… for now. Who knows how long it will last. I’m looking into a second job, just part time so at least I can have something to hopefully fall back on should it get worse. Ah, well. It can’t stay like this forever, it has to get better at some point. Right?! :pout:

[B]I think I’ll go home and hug my yarn stash…[/B] I no longer feel guilty for having ‘so much yarn.’… (hey, I live overseas… and many foreign lands haven’t had yarn to buy – or at least NOT in my area that I was living in… but, I really never did see yarn when I lived in the hot tropical Philippines either- but, I could totally see why there wasn’t yarn for sale there… not saying that there wasn’t some for sale… just not in the boonies where I lived.)

IF I ended up in a location… that had yarn for sale (like Italy and Italy= yummy yarns) I’d buy yarn. I’m so glad that I did buy yarn… when I could… since, I don’t have the options to buy yarns on sale in the states.

Mason… I think of your truck driving every morning and evening… when I am behind the German big rigs…

Why? By law they are allowed the top speed of 40mph. (of course, they follow the KPH rules-- but, I have it converted for the set speeds posted)… sure makes it hard to pass them on the hilly, curvy roads… so, I just stay behind them… because, I’ll get home eventually.

:wink: *I don’t think I’ll ever do like the German drivers do… pass on curves either.

Renee, sorry you’ve lost your job. That hurts a lot, I know.