The Economy Is Crimping My Knitting

We all know the economy is in the tank right now. I’ve been sitting at home for over a week now with no current hopes of getting a load out any time soon.

Freight is very slow all over the country. That’s one big down side to doing what I do. I don’t get paid if I’m not rolling. Things have been slow for several weeks now and I am just not making any money.

I had planned on ordering yarn to make another sweater, but thanks to the poor freight
situation I just don’t have the money to buy yarn.

I have plenty of odds and ends yarn, but not enough of anything to make a large project.

Worse case maybe I can just make a hodge-podge sweater out of the various assorted stuff I have. It’ll be ugly as sin but will keep me busy.

No real point here, just sitting around bored and wanted to complain a bit. :rofl:

It’s too bad there’s not more freight moving, what with fuel prices about half what they were in the summer.

Do you have enough leftovers for half mitts or hats?

I feel your pain. I’ve been home on disability for 5 weeks after having a hysterectomy and I am sweating what my paycheck is going to look like. And here I had planned on making lots of xmas gifts this year…
I guess we all just have to hang in there and hope things improve soon. And luckily, I do have quite a stash. Not enough for big projects but enough to do hats or scarves and lots of dishcloths.
Hope you’re back to rolling soon.

Yeah I have enough to do plenty of hats and such, but to be honest I’ve made so many of them this year I’m kind of bored with them.

I have a Palindrome scarf on the needles now and am so bored with it I haven’t touched it in a week. Ah well, like I said, just wanted to complain a bit to those who understand.

I vote for the ugly sweater. It would keep your interest and could be fun. :clink: Especially if you have a drink or two whilst knitting. :roflhard:

You might be able to pick up some yarn or a sweater to recycle very inexpensively from a thrift store, too. Probably not too many wool or cashmere blends where you are, but you never know.

Actually I am sorting through what I have to see just how ugly a sweater I can come up with :rofl:

I totally feel your pain! I can’t even remember the last time I bought yarn, and, the stash I have that I thought would be never-ending is dwindling away! If I had some to spare (and extra cash for postage…lol) I’d surely send ya some yarn.

Just drink LOTS o’ beer and make the ugliest sweater you can, you just may get a kick out of it :teehee:

You could also do a scrap afghan… Just about any pattern done in pieces and sewn together, or done in stripes, can be made from yarn remnants. Something like this or this or the log cabin blankets in Mason-Dixon knitting. This book also looks like it should have some ideas:

Just as an alternative to the sweater.

I was sorting through my stash. It’s mostly acrylics as I’ve already used up most of the “good stuff”.

I have enough Caron Simply Soft and Vanna’s Choice in browns, gold, and some other colors that might actually go together that I think I can put together an ugly sweater that might actually look intentional.

I appreciate the yarn offers (here and in PMs), but as postage is expensive these days, and money is going to be short for everyone soon, I just can’t accept. No offense to anyone and I hope y’all understand.

Now if I just happen to be at a truckstop near you… :rofl:

Yep. Freight is slow right now. My brother in law has had to dead head home alot in the past six weeks or so. Sometimes he gets paid for it; sometimes he doesn’t. But for some reason, the nuclear hauling picks up in the winter–I’ve never figured out why.
Oh, other vote for the ugly sweater. Go for it. It will go with my ugly bag:teehee: I’ve bee saving all my dibs and dabs of wool to make a felted bag. None of my wools really go together–hot pink, bright teal, a weird brown, gray, lilac, baby pink, black, but I thought what the heck.

:verysad: I feel your pain, my friend. I feel your pain. :verysad:


My Scottish Great Aunties were always unpicking old things that people had given them or they had got a jumble sales - they would steam them over the kettle to get the kinks out and start again. Apparently -I was told repeatedly - everyone did this in the war. There is another explaination of course - they were just tight. They will certainly be spinning in their graves at the cost of modern wools.

Maybe something brought back into use from the old and unwanted is better than a huge effort for something ugly…

Maybe something brought back into use from the old and unwanted is better than a huge effort for something ugly…

Ah, but ya have to understand, I actually LIKE ugly :rofl:

Lately, my sister has found some great yarn deals at thrift stores and goodwill. They never have any when I go…

Have you tried toys…I bet you could make some good ones! And, I could be wrong…but, I seem to remember you whip up a mean sock…maybe you could do a few of those mini Christmas socks that Momwolfs collecting for the military (on the charity link). I think she still need a few hundred.

I hope business picks up for you soon. At least now you know that you should have a yarn stash to go along with a savings account for rainy days.

Yep-I know what you mean… I agree on the thrift store route, though ~just today I got a BIG bag full of Yarn Bee yarn(hobby lobby’s brand) and an afghan that’s already 1/3rd finished for a measly $2.99!!! woo-hoo!

Ya gotta love that, even if it is a yarn I wouldn’t have bought normally. (I can’t afford to spend that much!! LOL).The colors are pretty, and each ball was originally $5.42 apiece-and there are at least 10-15 balls including the already crocheted bit.

I figure I’ll probably just finish what they’ve started, and save the trouble of frogging! Lots of cheap :knitting:therapy~ only I’ll be crocheting of course, lol!

Just like my sister…how come the ones I go to never have yarn for a steal!:pout:

It varies - I made a good haul one visit summer before last, and passed up some of what they had, the bins were stuffed though. I went back about a week later for some of the other yarns (mostly it moves slowly) and they had been cleaned out and remained that way for a couple months. So it goes in cycles; you just have to stop in every week or so.

I’m eager to see this sweater - please post a picture when it’s finished!:teehee: