The dumbest question ever...2 strands tog

When you knit two strands together, do they come from two skeins?

You just hold them together and knit as if you were using one? Do you knit with the two skeins for the whole pattern?


Sorry. :slight_smile:

well generally i will use two skeins but a lot of people just pull from the inside and outside to do it. When i do that though, i will only do it after i have wound it into a ball on my winder and can easily pull from the inside and out without fear of it tangling.

if the pattern says to use 2 throughout you will. i think most patterns if they start with two they continue that way.

and yup…just hold them together. easy peasey!

Thank you ma’am. :slight_smile:

I used two skeins of the same color while doing my baby blanket recently.
the instructions confused me too at first!