The Dreaded Purl Decrease

I need to do a purl decrease tbl as I’m shaping the arm holes of a sweater. I watched the video but I still can’t figure out exactly what she’s doing with the yarn. Can someone explain the process in simple terms for me?

Just like a regular purl, only pass your R needle through 2 stitches instead of just one. Then wrap as usual, pull yarn through and drop both old stitches off the L needle.

The video seems to show something much more complicated involving coming through the back?

Practice purling through the back loop on just one st. Then you’ll be able to figure out how to purl 2tog tbl.

Purling thru the back loop:
With your yarn in front.
Your right needle is brought into the back stitch from the left. (Purling the regular way has the right needle being brought in from right.) Amy shows you that the right needle is facing your right(direction). Bring your yarn over the right needle and pull it thru.
A p2tog tbl is a right leaning decrease.

Just watch her video a few more times.:thumbsup:

I apologize. I missed the TBL (through the back loop). I’m not sure how to do that. Sorry.

Why does she slip two knit stitches onto the right needle only to put them back on the left?

Also thank you for bringing a little more clarity, wildflower.