The dreaded circular needles

I’m a trying to knit for the first time with circular needles and this may be a very dumb question, but when you start knitting with them, does the yarn attach and make a circle? I tried yesterday and when I cast on 60 sts I get lost in what I’m suppose to do and it seemed as if I was just knitting a semi circle row. I hope I’m making sense. I’m sure this is the easiest thing, but for some reason I’m lost. Any help would be much appreciated.
Thank you.

You don’t necessarily have to knit in a circle when using circular needles. Some people prefer circulars even for straight work (stitch a row then switch hands and stitch the next row – just as if they were straight needles).

Click on Amy’s video for using circular needles, and all will become clear! (That’s what I did).


It is kinda confusing the first time. You will be knitting in a circle depending on the project (you can use circs as straights) When knitting in the round, don’t switch needles. just keep knitting around. Just be sure to mark the beginning of the round. Hope this helps.

I went looking back in this forum and found a very helpful site. Thank you for answering, I think I understand now, but again I have a question.
I want to knit a basic pullon hat, how do I gauge the size of the needles to use? There is a pattern on the site that shows a beginning cap and it calls for casting on 60sts, when I casted on the sts, they didn’t go from needle to needle, so my question is, how to do you attach the last st. to the first one casted on if the yarn doesn’t reach all the way around?
Aslo, what is the best size needle to use for an average adult cap?
Thanks again. :smiley:

Just finished a hat last night!! I used 16" circulars and double pointed needles for the decreasing rounds at the end and it worked really well.

Thank you so much! I am going to go out and get 16" needles and some straight to finish. I just love this site and I want to thank you for being so helpful. I’ve taught myself how to knit in a very basic way and with this site and the great help I’m getting I know I will be a great knitter in no time!
Thanks again