The double pointed gap

Hey knitters. So i’ve been knitting a lot with dnps lately, and no matter how hard I try I can’t seem to get rid of the gap between the needles. My finished work has “runs” between the needles, noticable to even the non knitters eye. Theres gotta be some old trick for this thats been handed down through the ages…anyone know it?

I haven’t done a lot of dpn stuff, but when I do and I switch needles, I make sure that when I pull that first stitch, the needle that I just came off of gets pulled close and touches the bottom of the needle I’m working on. Does that make sense?

Hmm, I think that makes sense…do you mean you place the two needles parallel as you’re pulling that first stitch?
I’ll have to try that when I make the 2nd of my “Hooray for me” gloves.

No, not parallel. When you let go of the one needle and then start on the next, there is a gap there, right? When I knit the first stitch, I pull on the yarn that I wrap so that the needle I finished on gets pulled up to touch the new needle as I wrap the stitch. I probably make a point to hold it snugly as I knit the next stitch or two, also.

What I do is this: I insert the needles into the first stich and knit it, then as I insert the needle into the next stich, I pull the yarn tight making the first stich on this needles and the last stich on the last needle hug tight close together. Then I kinda hold onto to that hugging action through the next stich so it doesn’t come loose.