The dirty G word

I have to admit, I am not one to normally check gauge (at least until I’m halfway done with the project anyway or it looks funny), but in measuring the Hipster, I realized my measurements are slightly off, so I decided to measure. To my great surprise, my gauge is EXACT to pattern specifications, I mean it just couldnt’ be any closer for both rows and stitches. (that made me giggle) That being the case, how is it my measurements are off 1/2 inch in each direction?

This really isn’t that big of a deal for this project, but gauge is something I would really like to understand fully and utilize (someday anyway as I long to make garments) and I don’t get this! It is mostly in stockinette, but I have measured the rolling in edge with my full measurements as well, but could it still need to be blocked to get an accurate measurement? It’s just WW wool in st st… I don’t think thats it, really, I’m just grasping.

Thanks bunches! :slight_smile:

It could very well be due to blocking, but I can’t say for sure. Many patterns will give you gauge and measurements after blocking, others don’t. We need some consistency here!

i left out the part that it’s going to be felted, i’m sorry, so it doesn’t call for blocking, but i wonder if that’s just like an unspoken thing here in this gauge. it’s really irritating me. if this happens with such a small item, i am afraid what will happen if i really do start doing gauge swatches for garments and the like and then find problems like this even though i was correct. maddening! knitting is an art not a science? can i use that here? :wink: