The Deciding Process

I finished my blanket … NOW WHAT?? OMGawd … I have the hardest time deciding. When I made Kyoto last year, I mistaken bought WAY TOO MUCH yarn. So I have enough to make another Kyoto, but it would be the same color. :doh: What ever am I to do? All of a sudden my stash is overwhelming me … I also want to make something with my stash Lily 'n Cream… oh and I have some Cotton Ease … and what about the … etc etc … frantic breathing :help:

I can’t offer anything but empathy. I feel your pain. :frowning: So much yarn, so many ideas. What’s next, what’s next. . . . . :thinking:

Surely - I have some pattern in these books o’ mine … :study:

Whenever I’m having “what next” issues, I just start knitting a scarf so that I am knitting SOMETHING.

Cotton ease would make a good end of the summer tank though :slight_smile:

:thinking: :drooling:

:thinking: I’m in the same boat… I was wracking my brains trying to write up a kids shirt pattern, then I was straining them even more trying to make a matching grown-up shirt, and now that I’m done… :??
I could work on my neverending double knit checkerboard, but just the thought of that makes me want to run screaming :help: …I’m finishing up my August KAL, but that’s just garter st and will be finished soon … I’ve got to finish the handle for my knitting bag, but that’s another do- while- watching- TV- cuz- it’s- brainless project… :zzz:
So I made up my Christmas list!! :shock:
Now I have waaaay more than enough projects, but they’re going to necessitate a BIG trip to the craft store before I can get started… so what do I do in the meanwhile??? :wall:
I’ve been spending more time here, chatting and scouring patterns, than I have knitting…But I’m sure inspiration will strike soon…

Come come … let us lean on each other in this time of need. :?

Come come … let us lean on each other in this time of need.

:roflhard: :roflhard:
Thank you - I can feel the :heart: ! But hey, at least you’ve got yarn already!!
:figureditout: :figureditout: :figureditout: :figureditout:

I had an idea - I had no clue what to make my mom for Xmas, but i know she loves looong hot soaks in the tub, so I’m thinking I’ll make her a variety of washcloths; a facecloth, hand towel, scrubbie, etc - I can use up the last little bit of plain ol white Sugar n Cream that I have, and put it all in a gift basket w/some salts or something… Plus, you can get pretty crazy w/the stitch patterns, so even tho it’s a little project, it won’t get boring. :thumbsup: Care to join me on this adventure?

PS love your avatar - my sis had a Plecostomus(sp?) that was over 6" long named ‘Pleco’ - not the coolest name but a crazy-looking …fish?..

OOOooo… I don’t want to use my Lily S’nC 'cause I think I have enough to make a shirt (if I ever find a pattern), BUT I do have some Lion Cotton that could be used up quite nicely :eyebrow: We could do a KAL, but I don’t have a digi cam … so it might be kinda boring to do a kal w/ me :cry:

RE: Pleco:
Yes they are an interesting bunch! My Stimp Man is either a Common or a Leopard. I recently had to put him in a bucket. He is normally dark brown w/ spots; when I put him in the bucket, he turned a pale tan (the color of the carpet beneath the bucket) and had nearly no spots!! It was so kewl to see him play all chemeleon (sp?). :thumbsup: I’ve been trolling Freecycle for a bigger tank for him. The 20 gal is just getting too small for him. :frowning: He swims REAL fast too :rollseyes: “They say” plecos should have a 55 gal or more tank… They are expensive … :verysad:

I think the reason my sis’s got so big is cuz she had him in one of those outdoor pond things that you make from a kit.
Unfortunately, they had to leave him behind when they moved because they also did not have a big enough tank…
(but when i had him, he was happy in the 30 gal. tank I had)

Still up for a kal Punkhippiemom?? :mrgreen:

Hmm … I heard that was myth (plecos not growing b/c of tank size). It’s proving a myth on my end, 'cause Stimps doesn’t look like he’s gonna stop :lol: If worse comes to worse, we have an excellent fish shop here in MD. They adopt fishies! :thumbsup: Not that I want to give Stimps up, but if I don’t find a nice tank for him and the 20 gets to be a problem for him, I know my alternatives. :wink:

OR, you could both reduce your overwhelming stash and send it to meeee. My stash is pitiful! lololol :roflhard:

HA! Not a chance … :fingerwag: :lol:

Aww, ek, surely you wouldn’t miss one or two or ten balls, would ya? I’m just tryin to do what a good knister would do, help you out!

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard:
You think you’re pitiful?? This is my stash - DON’T LAUGH!!!

Oooh that grey stuff is purdy! What is it?

Caron SimplySoft - It was supposed to be for the heels and toes of DH’s socks, but he says he’ll stick with store bought for now, thank you very much - grrr- so I’m thinking it may have to be a teddy-bear for my nephew due in Dec.

[size=2]Thank you for not laughing :blush:[/size]

hahahaha :lol: hahahaha …