The dangers of the LYS

I got to go see the BF in Montevallo and went to the LYS there. The ONLY one that I can find either in teh Opelika/Auburn or the Birmingham area. ANYWAY…I had a question about the pointy hat I was almost done with…still need that answered to. I asked the lady there but she didn’t know but then the yarn and needles called. I got a Addi naturals 16" cir (LOVE IT:heart: ) and a set of birch double pts. I also picked up a couple samples of soak to try and well yarn of course. I picked up Green Mountain SPinnery’s Mountain Mohair in Mesa, thats what I made my new hat out of… and I picked up Plymouth Earth Ranch #7. Now what to make with it???:eyes:

I have a feeling I’m going to have to head to Dallas soon to raid the yarn stores. All of the craft stores here are completely dedicated to scrapbooking and faux floral arrangement with perhaps a complete aisle dedicated to yarn crafts. I buy just about everything online as they only tend to carry Red Heart yarn with a bit of Lion’s Brand and Bernat thrown in. However if it’s tacky, gaudy and can be hot glued to a scrapbook, they are all over it.

I so want to move back to civilization. I would really rather buy yarn I can touch and see before I buy.

My husband is now in negotiations with a dear friend who has a LYS opening across the street from his salon this summer. I can honestly say, after years in law, that custody arrangements are smoother than who gets me during what weeks.

There are 4 yarn stores in my area. The one I like best, has a vase with a skein of yarn, needles & a swatch for each of their yarns. So I don’t just get to feel the yarn. I can knit up a bit with it before buying.