The Cutest Thing!

No one will probably believe me, but I had never seen a squirrel ‘up close’ until we moved to a suburb of Dallas a little over 2-1/2 years ago. Part of our kitchen has a glass roof and the little silly things will scatter down (or up) the glass to ‘fly’ into the huge pecan tree just outside the kitchen. They will hang onto the side of this huge tree and frequently we look at one another eye-to-eye and I always wave. They also will get onto the small side patio just off the kitchen area and even sit on one of the chairs. I know some people think they are just ‘rats’ but the cutest little critters I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. If and when we relocate back to the desert region of the west I will surely miss their antics. However, now I understand when someone might say about another person they act ‘squirrely.’ We should be so cute.