The Cutest Thing!

Today there was a sweet little squirrel looking for food so the kids and I threw out a piece of bread for him, and, he decided to show his gratitude by posing for me…haha…He was up on our front porch and I opened the window to snap a few pics…Hope you enjoy!

That’s great! He’s looking quite, um, ready for winter LOL

I used to have a “pet” squirrel. He would climb up on me to get (and eat) his peanuts. No matter where he was, all I had to do was call out his name “Max” and he would appear very quickly. I knew it was him, because he had a black mark on his left side.

Yep, he’s cute, but if he’s the same one that eats the petals off my tulips every year, better not let me near him!:roflhard:

He is adorable! We have tons of squirrels over here and while I love watching them run all over, I don’t love it when they go after my tulip bulbs. But they are so cute!

aww how cute!! We have to watch this time of year 'cause they like to get in our attic…you can hear them up there rolling their food across the floor or hear them drop something. It drives the cats crazy they just run back and forth listening…:rofl:

Cute tree rat.

I prefer Red Squirrels :heart:

Good pictures of him.

Aww. So cute. :slight_smile:

Heh heh…

I know these guys are pests for some folks go good lord they are adorable!!! We have a few around my house and the do love to tease the cats…:slight_smile:

Wow…those are great photos, especially the one on the lower right! The focus and DOF are excellent! Frame it! :thumbsup: Cute little beggars!

Aww, cute, and great pictures!

I have a squirrel that hangs out on the back patio of my office- right outside my office door. When the weather is nice, I leave my door open and watch him (her? I haven’t checked…) cavorting around the patio. :slight_smile:

CountryKitty…I love that site I go there a couple of times a day.

great pic of the wee squirrel.I know they can cause a lot of problems in the garden and buildings but I still love 'em

He is indeed ready for winter! He’s a chubby little thing, ain’t he? :teehee: He’s got to be the same one eating all the pumpkins on my neighbors porches and getting into the trash cans…haha

Nice shots of him. Little chubby isn’t s/he?

Oh my so cute! Probably covered in fleas tho. WHy are they so cute and such a pita at them same time?

Great photos! I have squirrels in my backyard but I’ve never gotten any pics as good as yours yet.

I couldn’t help thinking about my sister, though. She’s six years older than me and has been terrified of squirrels since she was a little kid – not sure why. But I always heard stories about her walking home from the schoolbus stop and freaking out on the squirrels in the park (we lived on a dead-end street with a huge undeveloped park across the street).

One day she was halfway home, saw a squirrel, and was absolutely convinced it was stalking her, ready to attack. She turned around and FLED! She ended up in the house where a couple of nurses lived; they gave her cookies and milk and phoned our mom, who had to drive the car over and rescue my sis.

I know, I know, it’s not funny when a little kid is scared . . . but she’s a grown woman now and she still shudders at the thought of those cute little squirrels. :teehee:

Wow your pics are great! What a little chunker, he could hibernate until July!

Oh my goodness!! He’s so cute!! And the photography is excellent-thanks for sharing!