The Cursed Project

Have any of you ever started a cursed project? One that fought you every step of the way? Did it seem that the very needles in your handles attempted to betray your every stitch? One where every flick of your wrists was another experience in frustration?

I, actually, have not. My projects thus far have by and large co-operated nicely. But I’d love to hear what the more experienced have been through…

i actually have a baby bootie that was nearly a small pile of yarn in the garbage because it was driving me nuts! The first bootie was perfect…the second bootie i frogged twice and never thought i would get it finished. i was almost afraid to give it to someone just in case it really was a cursed bootie :wink: i decided it probably wasn’t…lol

The sweater that my avatar comes from (to see the whole thing, it’s on the www link) was my comedy of errors. First I knit the side panels backwards so instead of forming a V like they were supposed to I had //. Frogged it.

Then I got up to where I had to add the Celtic symbol and I could not get it centered both on the front and back. Realized I was off by a pattern repeat. Took it off the needles to frog again and tried it on ‘just to see’ It was like a sausage skin! So in a way it was good that I had that problem.

Third time was a charm. Except when I cut into the actual sweater as I was cutting the steek in the wee hours of the morning. I yelled so loud I woke my daughter at the other end of the house. She thought I cut myself. I almost wish I had–I would have healed. I had to sew the sweater. It survived, thankfully!

Alas, I have one of those on the needles now. It’s not that it’s difficult; in fact, it extremely easy. But so … bloody … BORING! :rollseyes: It’s the Envelope Afghan. It’s been on the needles since March!! :blush:

Oh, yes. Any boring project carries it’s own curse!

You darn tootin’ !

ugh…three abandoned afghans later i have to agree. and whenever someone says they are having a baby i want to knit them an afghan…but i just can’t do it and hope to have it done by the time they graduate college because i just can’t get excited about them. mebbe i should do a patchwork one and then sew it together…hrmmm…there’s an idea

I don’t have this boredom problem w/ baby blankets, just with some full sized afghans. But I’ve noticed that the boredom doesn’t set in until I memorize the pattern. I never had the problem with patterns that I didn’t memorize… :thinking: So I guess it’s time for ekgheiy to start picking more complex patterns … :?? I’m afraid … :lol: