The crazy things kids will make you do

My DD wanted fuzzy socks. She didn’t want fuzzy soles on the socks. She picked the yarn. What can I say…

What a great MOM! :hug: The things we will do (and knit) to make our kids happy!

Those are cute! Maybe you can get her into knitting now.

I laughed…they look like the Grinch’s feet!

How old is she? From the yarn selection and specific requirements, I was guessing pre-teen. Am I even close?



How in the world did you knit with Fuzzy yarn??? :shrug:

anyway~~ IT’S LIKE GROOVY MAN~!! :teehee:

Wow, those are so neat!

Cute! Hobbit-foot socks. It could catch on.

I love it-made me laugh! Hey :shrug: I agree, they could catch on 8)

very creative!! What a lucky daughter you have!